Sunday Music

So let’s face another week … I’ll be pretty busy, due to some disturbances I did not make as many hours as I liked, and so in the coming week I’ll be slaving in the bookmines to make ends meet. But tomorrow I will not get up in the damndarkmorning, because that only leads to a prolonged siesta, and then I need Monday evening and half of Tuesday to get collected again. So I will sleep in and arrive fully collected at my desk ready to work through.

Here comes the unequalled Birèli LAGRENE (Ger., Eng., website) together with Thomas DUTRONC (Eng., Fran., website), playing something called New York City, I have no idea about the original version. Hope you enjoy it and have a good week.

I hope XL is dodging the bullets on Alexanderplatz!




5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Mago, Hope your week goes well. Music was a little hectic just like big city of New York. I only spent a hour there but in pictures it seems hectic to me.

  2. I thnk of NewYork as a nice little town at the Hudson. I choose this video because of the relaxed atmosphere mainly, sit on a sofa and play a little guitar, accidentially one of the best gypsy guitarists sits there. I wonder whether I’ll ever be able to see New York in my lifetime – when did you visit it, Joyce?

    TA – the Texan comes to Berlin and Alexanderplatz becomes OK-coral!

    Greetings to the ink wells, and happy nibbling MsScarlet!

  3. Mago My visit to New York was over 50 years ago. Just as my son gave me a nicer computer I am glad you were given one also to help you in the mines. I enjoy mine and it gives me great pleasure and even some knowledge. The winds are blowing and our beautiful leaves won’t be around much longer.

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