Sunday Music

A cold and grey Sunday. It was a tiring week; a bad cold got me and I had to leave the bookmines earlier as I liked, simply because my brain had turned into a dysfunctional mass, I made too many mistakes and had troubles to concentrate. I returned home and saw my doctor on Friday; the coughing still sounds terrible but things are going better.
So it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, spent mainly on the sofa or the web, a good occasion to listen to some Swedish jazz of the late fifties and early sixties. Jan JOHANNSSON (1931-1968) (Ger., Eng.) was a successful Swedish pianist, he played with Gunnar JOHNSSON on bass and Ingvar CALLMER on drums, sadly an accident ended his career much too soon; Rune GUSTAFSSON (1933-2012) (Ger., Eng.) was a wanted studio musician, he joins the trio for Emigrantvisa, a bit melancholic, but why not … es ist Herbst.




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