Sunday Music

A lazy grey Sunday afternoon, the golden October took a little break for this weekend. I did not win the lottery, so next week will see me robotrobotrobot in the bookmine – where business is back to usual. I will have to contact el supremo, because we need to talk about continuing the project. At the moment it looks promising, at least I hope so and do not misinterpret the signs.
Time for some gentle music, a little swing: Originally called Organ Grinder’s Swing by Will HUDSON (Ger.) and Mitchell PARISH (Ger., Eng., hall of fame (!)) this small number is known in Germany as Hofkonzert im Hinterhaus, here in a version of the Swiss bandleader Teddy STAUFFER (Ger., Eng.) and his Teddies from 1936 – I hope you enjoy it and will have a good week.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Best wishes for the continued buchminen project!

    PS: That was not an early Weihnachtsmarkt in Alexandar Platz as I reported last week. Apparently it was Berlin’s little Oktoberfest instead. All of the little huts are gone again until next month.

  2. I imagine this is the sort of music they played at swingers party in the 1950’s where grim looking couples have uninhibited sex in suburban houses with other grim looking couples.

  3. Oktoberfest ! In Berlin ! Ohdear … We have to visit some Weihnachtsmärkte here, dear von Lax: Definitely the one in Nürnberg, maybe Bamberg too.

    I hope you’ll be back soon, MsScarlet !

    Thank you Joyce. I think it looks good for a follow-up project.

    I just saw the “swining pirate” you came up with, dear Mitzi, a interesting production, if a little limited in the musical expression as I may add.

  4. I#m glad to hear this Savannah!

    “Hauskonzert im Hinterhof” geht auch, MJ.

    CARAMBA! I really gave up on her, LGS, I thought she had quitted totally, or worse had fallen ill or something. I’ll have a look asap – thank you for telling me this good news, married too!

  5. I love that tune! Haven’t heard that version but do recognize it.

    I hope the bookmines continue to need your services. A source of income outside of the lottery is a good thing.

    I’m back after all my repairs! Hopefully I can now start with some relatively regular posts…

  6. As far as it is now, Ponita, I will be there right into March of coming year, but this is not a follow up project yet. But I think it looks good.

    I must go and read your text, Austere!

    Great to see you again Raine! Thank you for giving note that you are back – hope you do not have to “keep on trucking” :)

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