Sunday Music

Today’s Sunday Music is “something quiet”, on special request by MsScarlet, who is still awake and “feeling like a zombie”. Here comes the Tin Hat Trio (Eng; about) with a quiet little song called Manmoth – Hope you enjoy it!
Have a good week and sleep properly!



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. They can sound a bit eerie, von Lax

    That is something that happens to other people, dear MJ, not to people like you, MsScarlet, Z or others reading here. Strange people go to bed in the late evening and sleep through until the next morning, uninterrupted and all – yes, its true: I heared it on the street and read about it in the Huffington Post!
    Normal people do not do such things.

  2. Its a bit grating on the nerves Mago for someone in a delicate condition. Haven’t you got anything from Le Quattro Formaggi played on the piano, late spring/early summer?

  3. Thank you, Mr Mags!! I slept well last night… I was a little cautious playing this on reading the words ‘Tin Hat’… but no… there were no tins – hats or cans – being bashed together in this piece of music.

  4. There’s always the Vienna Soup Orchestra, Mitzi

    If you prefer tin smashed together or something alike we should go for some Indonesian temple music, MsScarlet.

    Another insomniac! It was a short week so far, because of the holiday, Joyce.

    …. schnarch

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