Ach, it is so annoying when something that simply works, all of a sudden does not work as usual. And especially when one (me!) finds no way to solve the problem.
Some months ago I switched back to the INTERNET EXPLORER from FIREFOX. I just felt that the Fox had become a bit fat and was not so fast as it used to be. And there were (are) new functions I do not need and want. After toying around with OPERA – which is finally free from advertisements – and looking at other solutions like MIDORI and such, I boarded the large Microsoft-steamer and all was fine. Until recently, when I noticed that I can not use my email account for writing emails with IE anymore. I blame some security thing. I switched off what was to switch, like adblockers and such stuff, but IE simply freezes when I dare to click on “write an email” in said email program.
Another disturbing thing is that IE informs me now, when I go to my WordPress dashboard that it shows me only the “secure content”. I honestly did not change settings since I use(d) IE, and did not ask IE to protect me from my own blog. I have no clue what the “insecure” content may be: There is a linked text displayed “What’s the risk?” that leads to a “help-” box, but there comes no further text; and I can seriously see no difference between the “secure” screen and the “insecure” version of my wordpress dashboard. Again I blame some security thing. But I do not like that obviously settings were changed without asking me.
So I had another look around. And because I do not like google that much I did not go for CHROME, but some solid old IRON (Ger., Eng.). It is faster than IE and they really did a lot of development. I had a very early version once and had to quit it because it did not show some pages I need(ed), but now it does. The links imported easily, of course I have to sort through them and re-arrange, a nice chance to get rid of old bookmarks.


11 thoughts on “Browsers

  1. I really hope that it just works for you, dear Joyce. I’m sure if something goes wrong one of your sons will be able to solve the problem.

    Eryl – where have you been all the time?

  2. My theory is that the software companies don’t care about the user’s preferences at all. It’s all about their job security: i.e. adding new versions and features to justify their jobs vs it works, leave it alone!

    Thanks for the tip about Iron.

  3. I think Mr Von Lax is right! I’m sorry you can’t leave comments on my blog now… but I won’t be private forever… just for the time being…. and there is always the flashing nibs blog!!

  4. I hate technology. I just want it to do what it says on the tin. I don’t want to spend hours looking for solutions…it drives me to drink.

    Since I went over to iShiny Things, I’ve been surfing on Safari and it (mostly) seems to be fine. Every now it has a meltdown and I have to empty my cache…I can cope with it…mostly.

  5. You know how Mistress MJ feels about technology.

    Thank goodness for Von LX: “Official Infomaniac Pillow Fluffer and Personal IT Consultant to Mistress MJ”

  6. No worries, dear Savannah, I’m here and alive and kicking!

    Exactly, von Lax ! What happened to the old “never change a running system”?

    Oh yes, the secret nib flashing and spontaneous spread blog of MsScarlet … your double-live …

    I had Safari for a short time Roses and found it, well, not especially thrilling. It just worked.

    He’s a gift, isn’t he ?!

  7. I hate IE, tried Safari (meh) years ago, then Firefox (not bad), gave Iron a try early on but it had issues and have been using Chrome quite happily for a while now. Everyone has preferences. Since I don’t need to use my computer for work, I go with what does the job at home. And speaking of work, the hospital I am employed at uses XP on the network!!! (I know, I know… not a browser, but still… how archaic is that! And slow… oh. my. god. it is painfully slow.)

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