Sunday Music

Sunday Music

The last days saw constant rain here – and there’s not much more to say about this. Tomorrow I’ll trot back to the bookmines and spend  the week in splendid isolation there, no internet access for me. I’ll spend many hours in my bureau earning good money without all these nasty distractions, like cooking contests for example … and without music via one of the video channels of course. I became a bit accustomed to trawling youtube & Co on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
So here is The BROTHERS SEVEN with their funky version of SANTANA’s Evil Ways. I could not find additional information about the group. If you like funky music visit the channel of bubblingminds. I hope we all have a peaceful and desaster-free week ahead!




8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. In Austria it rains Bindfäden, strings or cords, von Lax.

    It may get on one’s nerves, Joyce, but voting is essential: Not in as much as voting for someone, as in having the possibility to vote against someone. With the election one year away the politicos here switch to campaign mode already – I am glad that I do not own a tv anymore …

    Thank you very much dear Roses! I hope you can write undisturbed, concentrated and unblocked.

    Thank you Boxer – what a joy to see you dropping by!

    Fog sits here in chilly Franconia, but I can not imagine fog in India: Images and pictures formed the idea about “India”, a phantasma, the prospect is always either scorching sun or torrential rain … a very limited “knowledge”, I have to confess Austere.

    *blush* not now FirstNations Babe, they are staring …

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