Sunday Music

Sunday Music

What a total different week this was: Spent in very good company, travelling to Nürnberg, walking around the not so baroque parts of Würzburg, and showing the bookmines of course. Well spent time.
Tomorrow morning I will see my doctor and will be given a lecture about eating and drinking habits, then I’ll travel back into the Middlefranconian wilderness and slave away in the mines – Weihnachten in four weeks and then there’ll be silence, quietness and rest. The time zwischen den Jahren I like best.

MISIA (Ger., Eng.) sings the Fado inventaire, giving a definition of fado in the lyrics. I hope you enjoy it and have a relaxed and peaceful week.





8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. A peaceful week IS a wonderful thing, dear Joyce. I actually made good progress last week.

    I have to see the pictures first, Roses, before I can say something about it. The good doctor mumbled something about “lifestyle”, as if I would have something like this. He gave me a prescription and booked additional examinations in January.

    Oh we were just walking a bit around, Austere, wonder what von LAX made out of it …

    Eh? “Brothel-hopping” brought me to this article. You got to love “Duck-duck-go” search engine! You once mentioned a tour you made, MJ, through some American desert states visiting / looking at brothels. It was an interesting trip.

    Not quiet so, MsScarlet, he prescribed Allopurinol and mumbled something like “dowhatyawantyoufreak” and that was that.

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