Sunday Music

A bit late, sorry. For the whole day I hear “chain-chain chain” in my head – and so here it is: Chain of fools by the great Aretha FRANKLIN (Ger., Eng., fansite). Catchy …
Last week was uneventful, snow arrived, work’s in progress, all quiet. I hope you are all well, alive and kicking – see you at the end of this week!





Look from the bookmines into grey Franconia.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I like the snow pix. I lived in Michigan for five years (heavy snow area). I never got tired of the snow. I especially like the big, wet flakes of snow showers. Sorry.

  2. We have snow here too (no surprise) and I love it. However, it’s turned mild and the rain is going to wash it away temporarily.

    As for Aretha, I had the pleasure of seeing her in concert once. Her wig was a little askew but she gave a great performance.

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