Here we are

“So you are home again.”
“Seemingly so.”
“Your books are in great disorder …”
“I know. They are for years now, I will not start to arrange them by topic, author and whatnot this evening!”
“Your appartement needs a bit of cleaning – why not grab the vacuum cleaner …”
“Stick the vac to your …”
“Hold it, I know what you’re gonna say, you’re so predictable.”
“We cleaned and arranged hundred of books for the last five days, took hundreds of photos in a cold room on a cement floor – what do you expect? Rhetorical peaks?”
“Oh, we are a bit grumpy?”
“No … just tired. And it became a bit silent and, yes lonely, when the good company had left. We played good pool.”
“You smoked too much. But you still hung around for another day – bathing in self-pity, eh?”
“I had the idea that I could do some things, but it did not work. In the end I read some books about rural architecture and a magazine from 1900. It seemed necessary to finish this the right way.”
“With a bottle of cheap Austrian plonk called Veltliner … want another visit by count Podagra?”
“Hmpf.  It’s all well-arranged in the mine now, I just have to write the titles into the database.”
“There’s a deadline looming …”
“Who needs them?”
“YOU, you lazy idler!”
“Anyway, it’s all arranged. If nothing goes wrong I can keep the original deadline. More or less. Some more weeks are no problem the headhoncho said. And the big supremo talked to me. Chances are that I will arrange the library in the new place.”
“New – bah …”
“Only because the house is from the 18th century it doesn’t mean its unsuitable. It’s dry.”
“And in the middle of nowhere.”
“What means that it is quiet there – a big advantage.”
“You and your holy silence. Isn’t it quiet enough there where you are?”
“No. Young people are noisy – and the place is filled with young hormone driven people and …”
“Stop whining. You sound like your own grandfather.”
“My grandfather Alfred would have kicked their arses through the door … great man.”
“Don’t be vulgar. He was a goddam killer as you know, spare this for another post. Anyway – welcome home.”
“Thank you. But be silent now.”

11 thoughts on “Here we are

  1. Today we got 8 inches of wet heavy snow. Don’t think I’ ll be going anywhere. Did not do much shoveling,just enough to check exhaust pipe of furnace. Quiet time is the plan for the week end. Maybe I will get some cleaning done to. Merry Christmas Mago.

  2. Happy Christmas, MsScarlet ! Alfred – ? He was a soldier, the fun may be limited. Sorry.

    No brake for the worn, Eryl, we just soldier on. Love and kisses to you, I’ll kick that door in for you without much ado!

    YOU made my day, LX! Happy apocalypse my friend!

    Merry Christmas, dear Joyce – I hope you will not get snowed in. There is a a big freeze on the Northern Hemisphere coming from Russia.

    Aw Princess, thank you very much. My best wishes to you and the Empress – how’s your back doing? Quit the Phaff for some days, will you please?

    As you order, Madam! I hope your travels will lead you home soon, dear Savannah! Travel well, return safe – best wishes to the MITM:

    What a joy to see you again Raine! Thank you for the good wishes, best for You and Your family!

    IOU an email, Cie! Great to see you again!

    Cie knows a lot about this, Mistress MJ, and generally speaks the truth. Thank you for the good wishes my lady, all the best for you!

    Don’t you worry LGS, generally I have these voices under control. Time for fun will come soon. All the best for You and all of Yours, brother!

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