Sunday Music

I have to confess that I found it a bit hard to post a fitting piece of music for this day. I want something quiet and of course looked for the classics, but I am too focused on baroque and the ongoing “stomp” of TELEMANN or LULLY would not fit, too driven or too pompous. I toured some jazz channels on youtube, but found not the right mood, and some songs of  Gene CLARK or some old blues done by Bonnie RIATT seemed not adequate, too desperate or too lewd – even my old favourite J.J. CALE was not “right”, despite the fact that it’s a great video. KING’s version of “no sunshine” was fine, but would give you wrong ideas. In fact the last days were a bit sun-less and   work-filled, because someone here fell ill, but it’s always something, isn’t it? Tomorrow I’ll have to go for a bit of shopping before midday, heavens we want to have something to eat in the coming days. Here are no decorations, not even some boughs, and there will be no presents. The whole chequered family will come together in the afternoon, we will try to cook something and, thank God, there is wine. It will all be cool calm and relaxed, I think all this christmas-related pressure, especially family -wise, evaporated now – pffff, and it’s gone.
I hope it will be an evening or even a whole day on this world when nobody gets killed or hurt, when the nonsense stops for just a moment, for all of us, regardless of one’s religion or denomination, really, when people will just for a moment realise that they are just human beings with all their limits and faults, and no one of us is in possession of some higher truth that entitles one to feel superior or even to be violent against another human being.

So it’s just a boring quiet song by Julie DRISCOLL, Lullaby, I can come up with. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless – and Thank you for your patience: Love, peace and happiness to all of YOu.



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Merry Christmas, Joyce!

    …. merry Christmas, LX

    Capt’n Eros – what a joy to see you, thank you for dropping by! Merry Christmas!

    Thank you, no wine today MJ, had some Portugieser and a sip of Spätburgunder yesterday. And no, before you ask, I saw no mice.

    What a joy to see you Kahless: Merry Christmas for you and Mrs K.!

    Merry Christmas, MsScarlet, I hope your Christmas-gnome was not accidentially hurt while sitting so close to the fire.

    Thank you Mitzi, happy Christmas for you and Carmen!

    Danke XL, sorry, but the package of snow would not make it through the customs …

    Thank you for dropping by, Nurse Myra! Best wishes for you – I really hope you stay happy for a while! I’m eagerly waiting for you to post something again, let’s see when you’ll be in the mood again.
    The comments close automatically after two weeks I think, a standard “thing” I did not change.

  2. Oh Norma – Chinese takeaway! But even such an honoured kitchen queen like you may have a weak moment …

    Thank you, dear Princess, let me hug you mate!

    Merry Christmas, Macy: Best wishes and all for you and the no-more-cherub in your new shed!

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