I saw the picture of a little monkey in a coat strolling over a parking lot. This made me crave for a glass of Schnaps, what triggered the memory of castle Schnapsfürmich, what leads us directly to Bretzelburg.
Bretzelburg is a German-speaking country in Europe, next to Maquebasta. The capital, Krollstadt, can be reached by Schnellzug via Paris-Brussels-Zürich-Krollstadt in just a few hours. Sadly neither Krollstadt nor Maquebasta are on the web – even Molvania made it! -, while the Bretzelburg-forum-site (in French!) could use a bit of maintenance. Bretzelburg, one of the last constitutional monarchies in Europe, is known for some strange political meandering in the 60s of the last century, depicted in FRANQUIN‘s (Ger., Eng., Fr.) QRN sur Bretzelburg (Ger., Eng., Fr.). The bad boys in those days drove a black Mercedes (see here), and just to the right of the poor sad monkey, who triggered all this, we see the back end of a black Mercedes – it can’t be a coincidence.

10 thoughts on “Conspiracies

  1. Never LX – and the fact that I a) had to “clear” your comment and b) was not allow to see Steely Dan, does only support the idea that there is a vast pretzel-related conspiracy that involves monkeys. The Mistress may be the first victim …

  2. Maybe there’s Bööörck the bucket, Norma … is there a list with Ikea-names?

    You could pour the champagne over your cereals, Savannah. Or better forget that dry and healthy stuff and go directly to caviar toast: Salute! Wohlsein! Sollst leben!

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