Sunday Music

Coughing, sneezing, popping Parazettelmol like candy, feels a bit like surrounded by furie. So it’s HAENDEL, a little great aria Furie terribili. I link the version sung by Simone KERMES together with the incredible Venice Baroque Orchestra. Very worth hearing is also what La BARTOLI does with this aria, other versions range from full orchestral outfit (Bénédicte TAURAN) to simplest stage sets (Lucia FRANZINA, sadly no own website).
I hope you’ll enjoy it, and may all the furie vanish into the abyss, where they do belong, and leave us alone in the new year.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Happy New Year, Princess of the future!

    Mögen Herr Graf von LX gnädigst geruhen meine unterthänigsten Glückwünsche zum Neuen Jahr huldvoll entgegennehmen zu wollen.

    Tchah, pearls drip from my lips. All the best for you, dear Nurse Myra!

    That is exactly what I will do for the next days since I have to go back to the mines, Eroswings, staying warm and safe. Let me return the well-wishes, Happy New Year! Hey it’s good to see you around again!

    Still a bit shaky, Cie. All the best for You and M. in the coming brand new year!

  2. Do your pillows still need fluffing? Do you need me to run to the store and get you more soup and drugs?

    Happy 2013! Hope you’re feeling better honey.

    Lots of love to you!

  3. My pillows are definitely underfluffed, Roses. Thank you for the kind offer, but do not come up close and personal, I am still infectious – hach that I would have to say this once in public …

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