Sunday Music

The quiet days are over. Tomorrow things will “normal” again, business as usual. And yes, I’ll vanish in the bookmines again. So here is a short Sunday Music, three minutes of sheer beauty by Ran BLAKE (Ger., Eng.), hope you’ll enjoy it.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Happy New Year, Eryl – and of course you are right. And of course, I look forward to go back there …

    Oh MsScarlet, I hope the grump will evaporate!

    The number swamps – ach I have to dip a toe in there before I can leave, Macy, the fiscal authority wants to know exactly “where what and when” and expects to receive money “asap gratis frei und franko”. Otherwise they’ll issue a mandatory execution …

    Because there is the possibility that you set out on a journey and then would find a part already packed … I have not yet packed what I need to bring with me tomorrow, LX, I think it will end in a grab’n-run-action around midday …

    Savannah, dear lady, I hope you finally arrived completely at home again, and you and the MITM are at good health and in high spirits!

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