… hum hum trallalah …

Ah ja, this time of the year … when the paperwork is done the doctor medicinae comes up with cables and boxes, pinning them on my body and making me carry them around for the next 24 hours. A nice little torture device that squeezes my arm any fifteen minutes is especially unnerving. Humbug …
It’s cold and grey outside, so a quick dash to the superette to collect some essentials is all outside activity for today. I have to do some research on the web in general and in library and auction catalogues, the entries in the database need proofreading, and I should start to think about an edit mask – does someone know how I can construct such a think for excel? No worries, I will find some tutorials on the web.
It’s all about self-discipline – and I am not too good at it … but on the other hand I did not smoke since Christmas, and do not feel the urge to do it again.  “… und neues Leben blüht aus den Ruinen“.

6 thoughts on “… hum hum trallalah …

  1. Congratulations on not smoking. I found the trick was not to think of myself as one of those sanctimonious non smokers – just a smoker who wasn’t smoking.

  2. Thank You Raine! How are you doing? Hope all is going well woth you and the kids.

    It just happened, vampyr LX, and there is a strong possibility that it stays this way.
    These boxes are a bit uncomfortable when laying down, and whatever they do to the data, the day after tomorrow my friendly doc will tell me: Thunder and brimstone, but friendly.
    It’s freezing around here, but no snow, just a drizzle.

    And I stand up in the group and say the magic words:
    My name is Mago, I am a smoker. Seriously, you are absolutely right, Macy, all that determines it, is the way oneself stands towards it.The possibility that I would start again is there, actually this possibility is pretty small, but I know my weakness.This is no “excuse in advance”, it’s just something that helps me now: I can stop smoking, I do not have to, at all cost. Now I hope it works another ten years!

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