Fern, Worm and Spiders

LADY GAGA gets “immortalized” by the fact that a fern is named after her, what I find pretty nice. I’d also like to have a fern named after me. I’d be content with it. Not like Gary LARSON (Ger., Eng.) who said that he had preferred a swan to be called after him, not a biting louse living on owls, Strigiphilus garylarsoni (Eng.). But other musicians also inspired the name of organisms, for example Lemmy KILMISTER (Ger., Eng.).  Kalloprion Kilmisteri (Ger.) is „named in honor of Lemmy KILMISTER of Motörhead, for musical inspiration during the course of this study“, as the Swedish scientist ERIKSSON stated, who described the animal for the first time in 2006, its a fossil worm btw.
Mackenziurus johnnyiM. joeyiM. deedeei and M. ceejay are trilobites named after The RAMONES, both species are extinct.
The scientists dealing in spiders are especially prone to name their discoveries after rock musicians as it seems: There is Loureedia annulipes (a link), Paradonea presleyi, and Myrmekiaphila neilyoung (Ger., Eng., another link) – all spiders, thank you very much.
And of course there is Proteus mirabilis.
A specialty are the Austrian names of a Stabschrecke and a kind of mantis. Gespenstschrecken or Phasmatodea are very good at camouflage. After a seemingly difficult search an Australian variety was called by the Austrian zoologist Franz WERNER (Ger., Eng.) in 1912 Denhama aussa – when you pronounce it the Southern German way it says: “den haben wir heraussen”, “now we pulled him out”.
Mantispa aphavexelte is the name of a mantis (Ger., Eng.), as the entomologists in charge stated, named after the Greek “goddess of confusion” – what is only a distraction: If you pronounce it German (“a verwexelte” in dialect = eine verwechselte in Hochdeutsch) it becomes clear, it’s just a mistaken sort of mantispa.
Heerz lukenatcha.

Sources: Here, there, ev’rywhere.

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  1. Whuahahaaa, what a picture! I think Bob is just waking up from the evening before and Clint is terribly jealous!

    And – I’m sorry Vampyr LX – let’s just forget to link some good music / video to a blog coming from Germany as long a s goddam fucking Gema is still in existence, may they rot in hell together with GEZ.
    BTW Lemmy mentions Entwhistle in the video I linked above.

  2. Fromage fou would also sound very nice, Cie, caseus insanus

    AH, “Mitzi” is not a dog’s name, dear Mitzi. In German cats are “called” or decoyed with “Mietz-mietz-mietz”.

    Brewer’s pride: The Squirrelator-Extra-Doppelbock! :)

    The Blue Pimpernel, also called Leinblättriger Gauchheil – a very nice plant, dear MsScarlet.

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