Sunday Music

Sunday mornings should be carefree … here is a version of Softly As In a Morning Sunrise (Ger., Eng.) by the Vince Guaraldi Trio with V. GUARALDI (Ger., Eng.) on piano, Eddie DURAN (Ger.) on guitar and Dean REILLY on bass – hope you enjoy it.
I will vanish in the mines next week, snow covers Middlefranconia; ach es ist doch alles gar nicht wahr … this year picks up where the old one left, it gains speed, and yet feels a bit used. I think it was Lucy VAN PELT (Eng.), who said that we perhaps were tricked and received an already used year, nowadays everything is possible …



BTW I have no idea why the videos appear so large now, I changed nothing.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I was saying today while scrounging for something edible that these were the lean times and I didn’t know if the fat times would ever come again. Ah, for being able to go out to lunch once a week, as I was able to 10 years ago. Nothing left over these days.

  2. Lucy is pretty grimm(ig) sometimes … would be the opposite of Erdnuss a “spacenut”, dear LX?

    At the moment things are going well – knock on wood – but lean years are always looming, Cie: No contract, no money.

  3. Up to now this Sunday was easy, relaxing and nice, hope it stays this way, Savannah. It will be good to go back to the books. Good to see that you recovered!

  4. Relaxing music, Mago…. very nice! Nothing is ever guaranteed, is it, except the end but even the timing of that is not. So take life a day at a time, live to the fullest, enjoy everything but plan for the lean times as well. I am alive and well in the Winter Capital of Canada.

  5. That took me back to the Aristocats which I remember longing to see as a child but not being able to, I can’t remember why.

    We had snow, but it’s all gone now, pity.

  6. You are a woman with a past, Ponita

    “Aristocats”, dear E.? I have to check it out, it rings no bell.
    I am delighted that you dropped by, you are welcome anytime.

  7. It is probably almost Sunday again in Middle Franconia Mr Maggs but I feel most rewarded for calling in so obviously late. It’s been a tough few weeks here in Oz with bushfires all down the east coast and now floods in the north. 400 ml/day + of rainfall. But aside from the continuing and still unfolding disasters your choice of musical entertainment has provided me with much pleasure… I thank you…

  8. Thank you for the avatar-decoding, MsScarlet!

    Oh Princess, one side of the country burns down while the rest becomes flooded, I can still remember the pictures of the last flood you showed on your blog …

    I doubt it LGS, they may already have counted it in and we may be lucky not getting a rise …

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