Sunday Music

By a pure accident I found today’s Sunday Music, a Tarantella (Ger., Eng.) written down by Athanasius KIRCHER (Ger., Eng., mentioned on this blog earlier) performed by L’Arpeggiata. Who would have thought that the old Jesuit notated such lively pieces ? It is the perfect antidote for this grey and cold Franconian winter day. The ancients told stories about a bright shiny object in the sky they called “sun” or something, a fable maybe, but it would be nice to see this thing in reality. The weather people say that it will be a stormy week, maybe the clouds will be blown away.
I hope you like the music, and that we all will have a stress free and successful week. See you next Frayday.




15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I am trying to listen… but have an unstable connection hence I only hear a snippet every ten minutes… which probably isn’t ideal.
    We have wind in England.

  2. Well Mr Lax… I can acually picture you “castanetting” all over the place…
    Now… Mr Mags excuse me for being so rude… but I just had to let Mr Lax now about the imagery that popped into my brain when i read his comments… The other thing i wanted to say was that seeing this clip reminded me of my great aunt who on her return from a european tour presented me with a pair of castanets they were bright red with ladies in black spanish traditional dress hand painted on them… My brother got the maraccas…

    As for the weather report… we still have bushfires in the south and floods, tornados and the remnants of a cyclone in the north…
    Perhaps Miss Scarlet would like a nice cup of Peppermint Tea… I hear that it worsd wonders for wind problems….

    Tarantellas ar wonderful, i love how the rythym builds to a climax….

  3. I’m sorry to hear about this wind problem, MsScarlet.

    I just learned that castagnets are “idiophones”. In the subgenre of “plucked idiophones” we find the amplified cactus. Have you – or anybody else – ever heared an amplified cactus, Gert?

    Yeah Princess, a nice image – Mr. von LX shaking and rattling all over the place, with hand painted Spanish ladies on the hardwood instrument …

  4. Thank you for the link LGS, it’s ages since I have read something by Mr. Bradbury!

    I just have put up the next SundayMusic, Eros – it includes some interesting guitars, but sadly no flamenco dancers – I’m sorry, but will remember it next week! The Scarlatti family is from Sicily, the Katonas are Hungarian – and Leni is not with us …

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