Sunday Music

A strange week it was. Work did not go as planned. I lost a nearly complete day to sleep, was not able to think and write coherently for longer than twenty minutes or so without feeling tired again. So I gave up on midday and my “short” siesta turned out to be a lost afternoon. At least I reached the minimum of hours over the week and finished one section, “M”, Waldwirtschaft, silviculture. Next week will be better.
And will bring additional work. An old friend trusted me with correcting parts of her dissertation. It’s one of those stories that start with “when I began studying”. I want (and will) see this book printed, with fine illustrations.
To start the new week with some pep we have the KATONA twins (Eng.) with Scarlatti’s Metamorphosis, I like to think that they would like it … but the important thing is that you like it, and that we all have a relaxed week.




9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Sounds like me on the Friday night into Saturday morning shift. I almost walked out with the keys and pager. I left my soup bowl soaking in the sink at work–very rude of me. Luckily my co-worker understood how overworked I’ve been of late.

  2. Cheers LX! Is the mass brawl, ahem: The sporting event, already over?

    I thank the Lord on my knees that I do not have to work night shifts Cie – and I will do nearly anything to avoid them. I do not understand how you can do this for so long. You already worked the nights when I started to read you some years ago – I did it only for 15 or 16 months and it nearly killed me, especially those terrible twelve-hour-shifts every damn weekend. It took some time to de-grump me, until I became me again. All the best, my dear – I hope you can work other hours, or at least have a good and relaxing brake for some weeks.

  3. Your afternoon wasn’t lost, you were doing something that needed to be done, sleep is very important. Glad you reached your minimum hours, there’s nothing worse than having to play catch-up. Hope this week goes better for you. X

  4. Blimey… be grateful you only lost an afternoon… I have lost whole weeks.
    I am waiting to break out of my cocoon :-) And hoping to turn into a butterfly.

  5. With all the snow we are getting I am house bound. I know what by days and afternoon spent sleeping feel like. I am just grateful I am retired and live alone. No demands on me or expectations except the ones I put on myself. Hope thid week is an improvement.

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