Sunday Music

Last Sunday Musics were all so civilized, so let’s Get it on with BLONDIE (Ger., Eng.) and Johnny THUNDERS (Ger., Eng.) the old junkie, performed and recorded in some joint in Philadelphia 1978. Just put some rum in your Sunday afternoon tea and gently rock a bit in the chair … we also could start to experiment with coffee and Asbach, what would lead us automatically to Rüdesheimer (Ger., Eng.) … Asbach uralt describes pretty well how I feel sometimes in the mines, the deadline is looming and I start to remember all the things that should already be done. Sometimes the work flows easily, some day it’s like pulling out own teeth – anyway: enjoy Ms Deborah A. HARRY shouting and Mr THUNDERS trying to play guitar, I’m sure it was a nice evening.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh dear, the stocks of Alte Kirsche will be hit hard, but I see that they have Armagnac, Calva and Absinth too, very nice!
    For this Sunday Music I had listened to some Baroque music from FASCH and SCHIEFERDECKER and such composers, played very well by the Akademie für Alte Musik in Berlin. I have no idea why yt came up with something Blondie, and after a few clicks I had it. Also historical. I had forgotten about THUNDERS, he was with the New York Dolls. “Lipstick Killers” rumours somewhere in my brain’s backyard, but I even do not know whether it’s a song or an album.

  2. Yes, I think so,Cie. Robert HELL is still with us.

    Good to see you Melanie – same here: Busy but okay.

    Holy DingDong, LX! I had no idea … seems to be a pretty young Johnny Cash … but yes, when there is German speaking market, why not.

  3. Mid to end Seventies of the twentieth century, 35 years ago. “A generation” in historical terms. Everything comes back: Mr Bowie published an album these days that reconnected to those days when he lived in Berlin in the late 1970s. ANother generation discovers that the generation of their hated parents at one moment in time was young

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