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  1. Arn’t tonight these smallish figurines given away in America, MsScarlet? I’m mildly disinterested. The snowfall intensified and tomorrow I’ll have to march through a Middlefranconian forest, “yuk” is a mild expression.
    Hello Eryl!
    She’s on drive-by-blogging …

  2. I’mm coming up the home stretch with the bridal frocks… I can almost see daylight…
    We have had 15 days of above 30 degrees here. No rain since November! It’s damn Hot!

  3. Here is a site with the text, and variations in the Southern-German dialects, dear Mistress. I give a translation of the Suebian version, also known here in a version of the late great Wolle KRIWANEK, a folksy blues and jazz hero of the Stuttgart area.

    Es schneielet, es beielet,
    es goht an kalder Wend.
    Es fliegt a schneeweiß’ Vegele
    Oms Kepfle jedem Kend.

    It’s snowing, es beielt [no translation available, you must be born here …]
    It’s a cold wind
    A snow-white little bird
    flies around any child’s head

    Es schneielet, es beielet,
    Es goht an kalder Wend.
    Mädla ziaget Handschua o
    Ond Buaba laufed gschwend.

    The little girls put on the gloves
    And the little boys move around fast

    Es schneielet es beielet,
    Es goht en kalder Wend,
    Hosch du a Schdiggle Brot em Sack,
    No gib’s ma arme Kend….

    If you have a little piece of bread in the sack [that is the Hosensack, the sack in your trousers, the trouser pocket]
    give it to a poor child [or in variations: the poorest kid]

    Writing is good Roses!

    Great Princess! But Your fingers must be sore!

    I have a guilty conscience Austere because I did not come to your site for so long, please accept my apologies.

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