Sunday Music

I made a plan concerning the work in the bookmines. It has to be finished at the end of this month, with the books in boxes, the rooms cleared, everything ready to ship. Then I’ll have two weeks to finish the computer work, correct entries, link pictures, and write the final report; at that stage I will have help with the correcting etc.; my aim is to be ready to present the whole thing mid-April.
I’m invited to come and see a small official ceremony at the end of April – it’s not connected with my work – and had some interesting conversations with heads of departements: I hope there is the possibility for another contract hidden somewhere.
I have to polish up my g+ presence, a shame that nothing happened there for more than a year. I will look what genealogists are up to, now and then someone finds me via google-search-words like “genealogy” or such. I should intensify my endeavours – what means nothing else but to do at last something there!

At the moment I feel relaxed and want to keep this very pleasing mood not just over the day but right into the coming week. This mood has to do with the fact that yesterday was the first day of sunshine after months of greyishdark winter days. A little bit, as if some demigod looked down on us, realised that we are still here, and decided to reward our persistency. Or maybe the deity just needed to switch on the light to see what is crawling around here … What ever the reasons are – it makes a great difference: Snow melts away, birds are singing, moles are hyperactive, the first walk of the year took place. Nights are freezing cold, but we have a blue sky, and the light changed notably. Winter is not broken yet, it will hit at us at least one more time, but he can not win and knows it.

A bit early on the day for a Whiskey Sour (Eng.), but Sunday afternoon (Franconian time) is just right for relaxed Polish funk of the late 70s: Janusz POPLAWSKI (Pol.) pours one in – hope you enjoy it. See you next Saturday.




6 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I like the thought of the seasons changing. We have had oficially the longest hottest and driest summer since records began here in Oz. Thankfully the nights have turned cooler allowing one to at least sleep with a little more comfort.
    I like the funky grooves!

  2. Polish funk, goodness! I’ll wait until tomorrow to watch, I’m too tired for something so new tonight.

    Glad you’ve had a nice day of light; we too are experiencing brighter days, and they seem to lengthen noticeably day on day. Spring soon!

    Fingers crossed for a new contract for you.

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