Plans, eh?

Best plans are nonsense when things do not work. You know this feeling, when you click an icon on your desktop as you did for a long time; a little window pops up and says what it has to say, all as usual, it’s everyday; then the routine stops and a new text shows up telling you to go to the Systemsteuerung / control panel and repair your program – and the other one too, both are part of an office-Paket.
Repair? Why, did I break something? Obviously I did.
Repairing sounds good. The function is readily available, it just needs access to the web. What I have not in the middle of Mittelfranken. The stick that would allow this is somewhere else, and I can not just walk into a bureau here and grab a router cable. And if it wants into the web there is the serious possibility that I am asked for product numbers and such nasty things – where IS the original box by the way?
All this leads me directly to the station to jump in the hourly train, a nice ride on a sunny day. At home everything is connected, the repairing is done in a few minutes, updates included, no numbers required. And then I remembered that there were two old desktop-configuration-files … all this because I had deleted two tiny configuration-files, seemingly outdated, yes banging one’s head against the desk slab is liberating. I mean, all this is exactly what I need in the final spurt of a one year project. Wer keine Probleme hat, der macht sich selber welche.
So it’s the damndarkmorning  (courtesy of Savannah) tomorrow, return on Saturday evening.

7 thoughts on “Plans, eh?

  1. If there is a chance that you might be tempted to delete those files again in the future, mark them as system files to protect them:

    C:> ATTRIB +S filename

    To remove the protection:

    C:> ATTRIB -S filename

  2. I missed for a moment the very old Norton Utilities, the recover thing. I really must take my hands off this!
    Future actions will see simple commands, like del *.*

  3. I know not of what you speak…. other than computers are great…. when they are working!…
    There is nothing more frustrating than to trip over at the last hurdle particularly when you’d just hit your rythym and could see the finish line…. Shoe laces can come undone through no fault of the wearer… But to me it seems that you have dusted yourself off and got everything back on track…
    I hope that your “damndarkmornigs” start to get brighter soon

  4. Ah, the joy of a computer that works like it should but has those little traps that can cause so much trouble right when you don’t need it.My use of my computer is so basic I don’t suffer too often. Hope things are going well now.

  5. I’m rollin’ Princess

    It’s all right and working, dear Joyce – and I learned what not to do. I should have known better in the first place …

    HEY Mistress – fellow head banger!

    Time for a new head Norma!

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