Sunday Music

A long week, a short weekend, another long week, but this time with help; a young man will take photographs of some specialties, sort books, and generally be helpful. I wonder whether I will reach my deadline at the end of this month. I heard through bush telegraphy that there was a meeting and some head honchos decided I should take care of another problem too – it’s all still vague, but I hope it means another assignment. I start to like the place.
It was a nice and relaxed Sunday, with a coffee visit at an old friend’s flat – the first time I had Rueblikuchen in my life (pics), and I found it amazingly tasty and juicy, a nice form to eat vegetables. Especially carrots, my relationship with them always was a bit strained. But W. is a good sugar baker, what I am not, my cakes normally end in a disaster, I do not even try myself on torte. We chatted and I think our gossip was a bit unfriendly now and then, we are of the same age, studied together, and have the same sense of humour; W. has a sharp tongue sometimes, while I only speak in Angelic voices of course. It was a very nice Sunday afternoon.
And that’s why we have a gentle Foxtrot today, Abe LYMAN’s (Ger., Eng., more music, bio) California Orchestra plays Sunday, recorded 1926.



And just because I found it: Here you can watch Chris FARLOWE (Ger., Eng.) eat a sandwich, live in 1972; here is the same man telling people to stay away from his apples, live in 2009, together with the usual suspects. He has it with food …

7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Götterspeise – I like the green one (with Waldmeister) best; with whipped cream. Traditionally there is a cherry one too, I think sometimes there are real cherries put in it, and one can put chocolate rasps (Raspel) on top of it.
    The cake btw was very heavy, he had put in a lot of nuts too. A layer of dusted sugar on top and of course with whipped cream. Could not withstand the temptation to put a blob of it on my coffee. Very satisfying.

  2. I think I would have enjoyed that cake but then felt like it was wrong for me to eat it. But I would enjoy. Glad you have someone helping you and hope you get a new chore.

  3. I’m surprised that you haven’t eaten carrot cake until recently.

    It’s one of the cakes of choice when people have staff parties at work.

  4. Exactly, E. – YUM!

    A thin slice will do no harm, Joyce.

    Today, nearly a week later, I can say that there is something behind the horizon, Roses. I will have a small job to do for them in the next week, but there is a larger idea behind it. I am superstituous, so no details here.

    Until recently the idea of carrot cake made me shiver, Mistress. And I was not told, what I am eating, beforehand.
    I did not attend too many staff parties, simply because I rarely was a member of the staff.

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