Sunday Music

The ongoing debate about google putting its reader down, made me think about how I stumble through the web. I realized that there is a group of websites I visit daily (news sources and some blogs), and others I have a glance at now and then, where I simply want to “keep contact”.
I once used a reader, but found it not very appealing, forgot the name. Feedly seems to be the choice for most people, MsScarlet mentioned it praising. An alternative could be The Old Reader. I found Good Noows and try it. It comes with tons of news sources, is easy to use, and works with blogs: Just copy the url into the field “Add a source”, the program checks whether it can automatically connect to the webpage (what should work on most blogs and such, don’t know how it treats this “warning page” by google), and that is it. I like very much how easy it is to change the appearance of the result page.
So it is not perfect yet, but I like to play around with this program. A nice side effect is that I could get rid of some bookmark folders on the bookmark bar, it became a bit crowded there. And because I use Iron there is no automatic hanky-panky, like grabbing all my g+-lists or such. This will be the next thing to do, to clear the debris off my g+-account and start to happen there again. Maybe I can persuade somebody that it is a good idea to send me on genealogical research tours in Franconia, I would really like to do such a job again.
But now it’s the final spurt for the bookmines; I have a vague idea about presenting some of the more interesting specimina at their annual fete, sometimes in summer; I missed it last year, but will surely be there this year.  Besides pecking away on the keyboard there is a small research for maps and plans, maybe I can visit the Staatsarchiv next week, before Easter – it’s all still a bit unclear, like what they have in their records, how to find it etc.; but it is a very promising little contract.

The wind howls – since at least two days a strong wind sweeps through Franconia, cold wind from the East. So this Sunday Music is Stormy Weather, not in the version of  Lena HORNE or Judy GARLAND, but by CARMEL (Ger., Eng., site) – hope you enjoy it.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I am currently giving Feedly a test run after seeing it recommended in several places. So far, it just seems to be leeching off Reader‘s feed rather than acting independently. ??? Thanks for the tip on the other two. I will check them out as well.

    Besten wünsche!

  2. I’ve never used the Google reader.
    I remember when we were rather constant visitors of one another’s blogs. I miss that. Of course I’m anything but consistent, and thus hard to keep track of.

  3. I am tired of all the automatic hanky panky too. If I want hanky panky then I want to tell people about it, it shouldn’t be an automatic assumption.
    Anyhow, I will try some more readers because as Mr Lax says, it doesn’t act independently, which has led to a muddle in my head. There. I am huffed out.

  4. I did not try feedly, LX, simply because it says on the tin that it is like the usual reader – I did not use the usual reader, so why should I do now? “The Old Reader” seems to be something different, something like Mk I, just with better software. But again, I did not use it then, why now? GoodNoows is different I think, comes from ZD, – I like the layout, the simplicity and the focus on news.

    Cie, please send me another email!

    That’s the spirit, Savannah, keep it simple, and personal.

    A head muddle in a huff – it’s a great language, isn’t it, MsScarlet?

  5. I tried Feedly. Then I tried Swarmiq. Neither were as good. I have tons of feeds, I WANT tons of feeds without saying sorry. next thing I will try is Feeddemon, and I will keep at it till something works.
    this has to be the stupidest thing google has done.

  6. i suppose i’m missing something, i just use the blogger dashboard whatever-it-is. i checked out the feedly thing, but it didn’t make sense to the imbecile that is n.d.

  7. Welcome Squirrel – at the moment I do not manage to come up with more than some Sunday Music, sorry.

    Maybe goodnoows is worth a try, Austere.

    Do me a favour, dear Norma, and do not call yerself names here – that’s MJ’s business. If you lived happily without a reader until now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go on happily. I only find it useful for blogs or bloggers, who do not publish something very often – and there are some of this kind. So I do not have to drive by anytime I switch on the computer, but the program informs me, if something new on a blog is posted – that is useful. Another thing about this goodnoows-reader is that I can choose my news sources – that’s a bit different from google news, where I can “personalize” the result page in putting more emphasis on one topic f.e. by moving these sliders they offer; but I can not switch on or off a news source, and have no idea why something is shown on the news site. Jessas, I sound as if I’d get provision from them.

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