Sunday Music

Technically speaking it’s still a holiday weekend, kind of long Sunday. The last days went by pretty fast, and I would like to relax a bit now. My visit to the Staatsarchiv last week was successful; at the moment I have nothing more to say, except that I am feeling tired. Tomorrow business starts as usual and I will travel back to the bookmines, another short week. More next weekend.

Today’s Sunday Music comes from James (Arthur) KOK and his orchestra. KOK’s band was one of the hottest in 1930s Berlin (German text), their headquarter was the Mokka Efti on Friedrichsstrasse. Of course there were difficulties after 1933, and he was not allowed to perform from 1935 onwards in Germany, not arian enough. He went to Switzerland, and later back to Romania, his birthplace Czernowitz (Ger., Eng.) in the Bukowina (Ger., Eng.) belonged to this state after 1923. He seemingly stayed in Switzerland through the war, was later with relatives in the US; in the 1960s and he went back to Berlin, where he died 1976.
Here is James KOK (Ger.) with his 1935 version of On the Alamo, hope You enjoy it.



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  1. Very mellow music, Mago. I know, I know… it’s been ages since I’ve popped in. But here I am! Glad to hear your trips to the book mines are panning out well. I am tired too, trying to recover from a nasty bout of bronchitis.

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