Ach was soll’s …

Erstens kommt es anders, zweitens als man denkt.

I should have been travelling to the bookmines today, but things took a detour (not this one). In the morning I had to visit an old teacher of mine, and we were talking about business. Later letters and appointments had to be written and  – of course! – it took longer as planned. So from a certain point onward it was of no more use to rush things, simply because going on the train would have meant to walk through the woods in the night – to explain this: The village where the bookmines are housed, has a train station, but this is located some kilometers away in the middle of nowhere, what means marching through the jungle. To avoid this – yes I’m built for comfort! – I have the possibility to use a bus from Ansbach to the village, but it’s a not too much frequented route on the countryside, the last one goes in the late afternoon.
So I decided to cook, it was ala Bolognese. I do not use Spaghetti (Ger., Eng.) or Spaghettini (thin Spaghetti, not yet Capelli), but prefer Linguine (Ger., Eng.); they are simply better to roll on a fork, and they carry the sauce better, in my humble opinion. As the lady at the butcher’s remarked – “Geht am schnellsten, gell?!” – it’s easy and fast. Minced meat, vegetable, sliced tomatoes, whatever one finds in the spice department, let it simmer until the noodles (oh forgive me: the Pasta! List here.) is ready, and simply eat it. If you prefer it without meat there’s no problem, just cut the vegetables in small pieces – what one should do generally, better taste, better gain – and skip the meat.
So it’s the damndarkmorning (thank you for this word, Savannah) again tomorrow – oh how I hate to get up so early. On the other hand – I am used to the bus, the train, the bus, I know the lot and what to be expect, and it will be a nice and quiet journey, at least after the first major station. The weather will be nice and sunny, it will be joy to look outside into the clear cold air, sitting in a warm and comfy coach. So excuse me now please, enough of this drivel, I need to go to sleep.

10 thoughts on “Ach was soll’s …

  1. A Ticino – unforgettable, LX! Good to learn that there is rain in Texas!

    Did you change your name, Norma, or do I just now realise that there is a NormaN Desmond? And btw what do you call “swill”? Your sauce Bolognese? Come on lady …

    Yer Irish, MsScarlet? Knudsen will be all over you!

    Welcome fellow pasta lover! i always knew that it’s something special with us, Cie!

    Lucky man LGS!

    GASP! I am sorry Austere, that is not correct.
    Spaghetti are Pasta, but Pasta is far more than Spaghetti – a world, or at least a culinary continent …

    Wahnsinn! I only had canneloni for sucking sauce, but radiatori are far more efficient MJ – and less stainy (does this word exist?)

  2. somebody else already had norma as a screen name, so i added an “n” and hoped no one would notice. yes, the sauce & pasta, all mixed up. it’s been swill since 1970. it says that on the can of desmond homecooked swill.

  3. No, the word “stainy” does not exist but I know what you mean!

    I hadn’t noticed the extra “n” in Normadesmond. There can be only ONE Normadesmond and it is OUR Normadesmond.

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