Things One Does for a Living …

When I changed from the train to the bus in Ansbach I met my favourite bus driver again, he looked a bit slim. Having not seen him for months I asked him about his whereabouts and had to learn that they had pulled a malign thing out of his stomach. He was driving the vehicle like a fierce young man, always in control and knowing what he was doing, a real delight; he illegally threw me out right in front of the cafeteria. I squeezed his arm when I crawled out of the bus, and wished him luck.

At the door of my bureau I was greeted with a piece of paper, the text starting with the words “Sehr geehrter Herr Archivar …” and they had won my heart. I had to go to the administration building for some business. It’s one very long building. Two thirds were used as dormitory for students when I came here first, now its a Gaestehaus, I had my first room on the second floor, today I live on the first floor at the right end of the building, seen from the yard. The last third is used for the administration, the far left part yardsides.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the house was a large pane of glass lying on the floor, the second a man brushing powder over different parts of the furniture. This was the cassa room. The door of the office I had to visit, next to the cassa, was splinted.
The intruders went through all three floors and broke up at least eleven doors. Later I talked with the head janitor and the (inofficial) head of the Heimleitung, both said that this was the most aggressive and brutal act they have seen – there have been at least two incursions since the late nineties, and of course incidents with drunken students involving doors. This time they went through the doors literally, in at least three cases the locks were ripped out, and stayed intact.
The damage will sum up to something between twelve and fifteen thousand Euro. The idiots stole all in all 15 (in words: fifteen) Euro out of the chief janitor’s desk. They touched no computers, no screens, printers, portables – and there were pretty new ones lying around, they were in all for the cash. Ironically they did not open the social room, where the coffee cassa is kept openly – there they would have found a bit more: Maybe twenty. Doubling the yield.
The coppers say it were amateurs, because of the behaviour. They say that they came in through a basement window, it was found ausgehängt, displayed. Later, for other reasons, I talked to the lady who is responsible for the houses here, the local authority for the real estate, and she said that she can not figure out how this should have happened. She knows these windows, even when they are not fully closed, but “gekippt” – tilted – it would be difficult to work them, especially when you have to kneel on the ground in the yard. Anyway, it’s the official version.
I still think of those blokes who came and played the table football in the middle of the night: They have had a key.
I have not heard at what time all this is supposed to have happened. My room is at the other end of this corridor. I was accidentally not there this evening: no light in my bureau, no light in my room.
The security man was not on the area, because of the semester break: There are actually no minors, underage children, in the dormitories, where he’d have to keep guard – not in as much as protecting the kids from an outside attack or something, his job consists more in protecting the idiots from themselves.
The police says it was an amateur, who went in and through pretty fast. I think it was someone who realised the situation and grabbed the chance, and who had a key. I do not give a damn on this hanged out window wing. He knew that he could smash his way through any damn door, because the house was empty, and there was no risk of a security bloke passing by. I think it was no journey man but a local talent.
So the call of my old teacher seemingly had another nice side effect: I was not confronted with intruders and the necessity to act the hero. Thank you Horst!

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  1. Very glad you weren’t there to have your heroism tested by fools who kick down doors for the price of a few beers.

  2. it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people can be! i’m glad you weren’t on site, sugar! we just had an incident of vandalism at a nearby primary school. sadly, they destroyed close to 15,000usd worth of equipment and classrooms. xoxoxoxo

  3. I really think someone saw the change and used it, LX. And the knee is alright: It looks like a human part again and it works as it should!

    Yes, “just because they can” – that is it exactly, Joyce!

    15 Euro. In this case worth something between 12 and 18 months when on probation – it’s crazy, Cie!

    Well saied, Eryl. I’m glad too.

    Pure vandalism is even worse Savannah; at least the idiots here tried to steal something and did not stomp these doors just l’art pour l’art.

  4. I have occasionally have something approaching admiration for certain criminals: elaborate carousel VAT frauds are difficult to arrange and very profitable (I gather). This, OTOH, is simple empty-headed thuggery. Glad you avoided being on the receiving end of it.

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