Sunday Music

A nice advantage of the Sunday Music series is that I do not have to think of a title, its just Sunday Music, and as wordpress tells me (bookkeepers they are) we just passed hundred and fifty.
The shadows become longer and it is a little chilly in the shadow. Time to rummage around the kitchen, maybe there’s something eatable left in the fridge. If it doesn’t move it’s alright. Tomorrow I’m off in the early morning, I’ll be back on Frayday or Saturday.
So here comes the attractive Ms Julie LONDON (Ger., Eng.) with her version of Blue Moon – hope you enjoy it.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh, you have reminded me of my first love, thank you! (I’m talking about the fabulous Barney Kessel, of course – Julie came a close second).

  2. Maybe there was something in my coffee this morning MsScarlet.

    Christian, Kessel, Ventura, the old heroes! Great music, great musicians.
    I don’t know nothing about this recording Tim, except that it all fits together.

    Must be spring around here, XL

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