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Work – this sums it up nicely. And the next week will bring even more, because last week I was visited by the local building administration and was informed about their plans. As I mentioned the part of the building I am working in is still stuck in 1931, so some splashes of fresh paint would be nice. But more important is that my neighbours to the right want an additional room, exactly the one where I now have stored boxes with books … I’ll have to re-decorate before I leave.
The future is unclear. The books will be brought to another place – and I want to be there when this happens; additional records are found in the basement of an administration building; additional materials from the estate of a former student is coming in (interesting biography!) – so there is enough to do. A contract would be nice. There is a kind of reception this week, an official Festakt, and I’m invited, maybe things will be a bit clearer afterwards.
So it’s nothing new here.

This Sunday Music is Der Tanz der Furien by Christoph Willibald GLUCK (Ger., Eng.) hammered out by The Academy of Ancient Music (Ger., Eng. channel) under Christopher HOGWOOD (Ger., Eng.). The quality of the take is not the best, the picture shown is a bit silly, but the version is powerful, dynamic – hei, die fetzen das Ding volle Kanne raus, daß es eine wahre Freude ist!
Play it loud  (cats beware!) – enjoy the dancing furies* (Ger., Eng.)!


dove in un punto furon dritte ratto
tre furïe infernal di sangue tinte,
che membra feminine avieno e atto,

e con idre verdissime eran cinte;
serpentelli e ceraste avien per crine,
onde le fiere tempie erano avvinte.


Bluttriefend beieinander, hoch erhoben,
An Wuchs und Haltung Weibern gleich, so standen
Die höllischen drei Furien stracks dort oben.
Giftgrüne Hydern ihre Gürtel banden,
Als Haupthaar Nattern sich den Unholdinnen
Und Vipern um die Schläfen dräuend wanden.


Where in a moment saw I swift uprisen
The three infernal Furies stained with blood,
Who had the limbs of women and their mien,

And with the greenest hydras were begirt;
Small serpents and cerastes were their tresses,
Wherewith their horrid temples were entwined.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Sounds like there’s more than enough to warrant a contract there, so I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Fed up of the erratic nature of freelance teaching I’ve just applied for a job as a barmaid, if I get it I will be able to concentrate on my creative work. I’ve always wanted to learn how to pull a pint! Happy Sunday…

  2. I misread that as Dance Of The Fairies. Sorry.

    Sounds like the work is there to justify a contract or extension. I hope Der Buchminen Chef comes to his senses!

  3. Ah, the fast and furious kind of classical music that my son and I tend to enjoy. His favorite cd is a compilation I have called “Music to Die For”. He asks for it by calling it “Bad guy music”. It starts with his favorite: O Fortuna – Carmina Burana (Orff) followed by Dies Irae – Requiem (Verdi) to Brides- Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Kilar), but for me, my favorite is #5 Second Movement – Violin Concerto by Philip Glass. It is delayed gratification at its best. I found a nice video of the latter on youtube and posted it on my blog. Take care, M

  4. I cannot listen to this work from Gluck without remembering the worst opera production I’ve ever been involved in. We were all disgustingly aweful and yet the public didn’t hear a thing: we got a standing ovetion. Go figure!

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