5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The working days were terrible, but the real back breaking is over, Savannah. Now its only desk-work. We threw around more than 120 boxes filled with books and records through last Tuesday – we finished in time, I threw my belongings in the car and we went off. Heck I miss it.

    Stets zu Diensten, Eryl!

    Eggs Actly Mr Natural! :) If I could find the links … Do you know Mr. Crumb’s sketchbooks LX? Reminds me that Savannah and me some years ago came up with the idea to ask Mr. Crumb a question – I forgot what it was, sorry. He’s still in Southern France I think.

    No double weekend in sight, MsScarlet – an award? Oh … I’ll come over asap, sorry for the delay …

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