Sunday Music

The nightingales are a noisy bunch in those trees.
Last week was exhausting. We cleared the bookmines in a hau-ruck-day/night action, including my bureau and my room. The magomobile was loaded to the brim when we drove off around midnight – it’s always astounding what one brings to a place over a year -; the young man who helped me dozed off on the trip back. At least he learned to operate a Sackkarre (Ger., Eng., website – Jesus, there’s even a site for sack barrows!) without braking his legs or mine. We built a wall from the book boxes, seriously: three boxes high, put plastic foil on the top (and on the base of course!), and laid some wooden shelf boards on it: It’s perfect now to sort through records!
You understand from this that I seriously hope that there will be a follow-up contract regarding the records, archive materials, they still have roughly nine meters of the stuff (and circa one hundred plans) stored in the basement of another house – it would be a perfect working environment now. Sorting through records you simply need space; the job is to restore the “old order”, the archive mirrors the administrative structure that created the records (Provenienzprinzp (Ger.)), roughly at least, and when I sorted through a part of the actual stock I found it tohu-wah-bohu (Ger., Eng.), they simply stored it and made it fit into some lockers. Good – enough work for me; just need a contract.
The last days were spent working through tons of emails and papers, jetsam, simply to clear the desk. And all the stuff I brought back once had a place here … this appartement is already a hoarder’s nightmare, so it became a bit difficult. And yes, cleaning was a good idea too.
The next days will be full, I have to throw together the Abschlussbericht, the final report, telling about all I did, what was, what is, where to go to – wrapping it up in a nice parcel to be shown and presented. An old friend wants to sell some things and I shall put them on ebay – you need some paintings? – and Robcsi wants me to correct some articles: So its business as usual, I just have to return to this new normal.

This Sunday Music is for Robcsi, something by Omega (Ger., Eng.), a Hungarian rock band hundred years on the road, from 1969, two years before Lady in Black (Ger., Eng.), just sayin’ … pass the Pálinka (Ger., Eng.) my friend!



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a very productive year in the bookmines.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for your contract renewal. But it’s good to hear you’ve got work coming in outside of that!

    Hugs and hugs.

  2. Does that mean you’re back? I do hope you get that contract, but it will be nice to have you around more for a bit. Glad you have other work, too.

  3. I’m quite sure that congratulations are warranted on a job well done… I hope that your next endeavour is as challenging and enjoyable Mr Mags…

  4. Thank you, XL!

    MAybe I will have a look at my bicycle now, dear Roses.

    Yes, I will hang around the blogs more often, and will watch your Stilleben develop, dear Eryl.

    I only hope it will bring in enough money, dear Princess – it’s astounding how fast one gets used to the good life!

  5. I have – and it is really a struggle: I am not too good in self-discipline. I should be writingwritingwriting and not hang around news portals or look at silly videos …

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