… bööh …

The weather kills me. Something with atmospheric pressure; it sends my blood pressure down yippieh, and I feel like a trash can. Brain is mush, joints and head hurt and I’m doddering along like a very old man. The light changed, its different from last evenings, how I wish that a nice thunder-storm would come along and sweep it all away.
At least half of the report is written, the other half is drafted. I am not able to write something this evening, or do a decent blogpost. I have a small pile of papers on my desk where I collect ideas and materials to blog about; mostly things that need further research, what I find is the best part about writing: Searching, digging things up, connecting*. Not tonight, darlings.
I think I’ll do the round through the news – oh dear, why take the trouble with this? The usual program of war, cruelty and perversion, yay! -, play some rounds of a silly online game called QBZs, if I have my sieben Zwetschgen beisammen, it makes as much sense as anything else this evening; then go to bed and hopefully find sleep. My deepest compassion and sympathy for all the insomniacs who read this, I have no idea how you can go along with it. Since I am back from the bookmines I sleep eight or nine hours a night – and I need them. Like coffee in the morning. Take care, see you later.

* That’s why my dissertation never comes to an end.


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  1. Carissima, you are anything else but a wretch. I understand that the high standards you already have set with your posts can sometimes be a little challenging when you want to write something else – but seriously MsScarlet, your devoted followership will read and praise anything you’ll write: Simply because you are worth it, ha!

  2. As one of my teachers once saied: “Immer nach oben zielen – Always point high!”

    BTW I toy around with a new layout – do you see this or is it only a pre-view for me?

  3. How about this?
    There is more typography, no more header pics – but I did not change it for a long time; and I first should have a look into the options.

  4. It’s all just a “quick shot”, background colour and image. Fonts come out pretty large here, readability is good – oh yes, as one remarked at the Dylan concert: “Come on now man, it’s all old people here …”

  5. I hope you have some better weather to celebrate being back from the Book Mines. Hier, blitz und regen heute morgen.

    I see solid Mago Mango® at the top, fading to textured Mago Mango® at the bottom. ???

  6. Blitz und Regen in Texas – Caramba! I hope it brings a bit of relief from the oven heat.

    No, I have no “Farbverlauf”, no fading or such, just one colour – in the moment it’s a Green: All the same intensity over the whole screen.

  7. At the beginning of the post, to the right, there’s a black dot – it looks like something to click onto, but does nothing for me. Is it doing anything for You, or is it just there to look nice?

    Is the whole thing readable? At best it should be comfortably readable.

  8. So the icon is just there for artistic or graphic reasons. Readable is good, XL, I had a little problems lately …

    Is it too green, MsScarlet? Excuse me please, I am not familiar with the expression “it is growing on me“: Does it mean that it goes on your nerves and makes you scream slowly but steadily, or does it mean it slowly becomes comfortable, or if not, at least acceptable?

  9. I’ve had insomnia since I was born. My mother tells me I was the most horrid of babies, waking up every couple of hours. I was born in 1965, and back then the idea of medicating children with heavy duty drugs was okay. The doctor prescribed a dose of phenobarbitol. It had the opposite effect, I was awake for three days straight, apparently. Of course they didn’t know, but the neurotransmitters in people with conditions like bipolar disorder are different than they are in normal people. Valerian, which is a natural sedative, wakes me up. Kava, however, does what it purports and has a calming effect.
    I don’t know if you know or care that I have a WordPress blog now. I’m making it my permanent home for personal posts.

  10. This is the yellow with a bit more orange, warmer, but I think a bit boring … The yellow #eded38 does hurt my eyes over time, so I will let the page sit with the green for tonight and will look at it again tomorrow.

  11. I am undeceided: Green or orangey going into Asia-sauce-red, maybe a kind of burnt-copper-red? Ach, decisions … Old Knudson always stucks to the baby-shit -colour and never has problems …
    See you tomorrow, thank you all for the input!

    Further advice welcome!

  12. Nothing pedantic about this – very interesting and exactly what I always was thinking about: It always looks different on any device, even on screens from the same producer there are variations, Abweichungen. A big problem when one needs to work with Farbtreue from the input (scanner, photograph or whatever) via screen up to the printer / output, a big problem. I will read the article – the wp colour palette gives the names in html [#81d742] for the actual green, it may look very different on your screen or MsScarlet’s!

  13. I didn’t see if Miss Scarlet answered your question about the expression “is growing on me.” It generally means that one had initial doubts about something, but is beginning to accept it (in a positive way).

    PS: I see Mago Mango® again.

  14. Apologies. I have gone back into hibernation, my wifi is rubbish and my feet are jolly cold.
    What does Farbe mean? I could look it up, but this would take several hours. Sigh.

  15. No she did not LX, treulose Tomate … Thank you for the explanation.
    Yes I went back to the Mango, again for the same reason as I avoided the white: Over a longer time the green started to hurt a bit. I think over a whole day in front of the screen the eyes simply become a bit tired or sensitive.

    Farbe is colour, MsScarlet. What a pity that your connection is so bad! Is it via Funk, via a radio transmitter, not cable or land line based?
    Cold feet in the middle of May! Here the weather changed again to dark, cold and rainy. I guess the summer will one day explode on us. The blossoms of the apples and other fruits were only for some days in full bloom – and bang, that was it! Over night the lovely leaves fell off, or at least the colour changed back and toned down, so that one understands that the highest point is over – it all went so damn fast this year!

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