14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What a strange psychic bond we have between us Mago, I’m on the hunt for a new coffee table and spent most of last night browsing the internet looking for the ideal coffee table, never a good idea when you’ve been to the pub and are two sheets to the wind, drunken Amazon purchases, oh yes, I’ve made a few. I came upon these and in my inebriated state I thought they looked lovely. ‘Dunkin Bagel’ sounds a bit like Rock Lobster by the B52s.

  2. When fantasising about the furniture of mago-manor, large ceramic figurines show up – kitsch-as-kitsch-can -, maybe a hippo-coffee-table would be a nice completion.
    That I choose this song was, among other things, caused by your remark about dunking croissants over at LX’s, dear Mitzi.

  3. BTW the best dunking experience in my humble opinion is, when one has the chance to use a buttered, salted and folded in half Weizenbrötchen and dunk it into a cup of freshly prepared, hot and very sweet cacoa – the splash-risk is high, the slurp-factor adequate. I think Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) once did an in-depth survey of this.

  4. Das Eintunken von Windbeuteln (besonders solchen mit Sahne und Kirschen gefüllten) wird in den Bundesstaaten Bayern und Baden-Württemberg als Kapitalverbrechen angesehen. Offenders will be forced to watch German tv and listen to talk-radio, for at least three months!

  5. It’s not enough to make them watch the terribly translated German version (still too funny); but the 26 episodes of the German remake by RTL, subterranean at best – those will teach them dunking Windbeutelkillers a lesson they won’t forget!
    Additional there will talk radio, especially the Bayern 3 early morning “shows” – the “laughter” and annoying “good mood” of these people could turn a Franciscan monk into an axe-murderer …

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