I Want a Cigarette

I’m angry. Things do not go according to plan – Plans are crap.
There’s no wine left – ach herjemineh, buy the right things!
No tabacco here – YOU Do NOT smoke anymore, yah hear?!

Besides this marginal nonsense – what’s going on in Germany?
We have the ongoing trial against the NSU (Ger., Eng.) in Munich that degenerates more and more to a kind of circus. Thanks to the defence of the main defendant.
We have the final sitting and report of the “Untersuchungsausschuss” that looked at the work of the German services and polices to solve the ten year crime spree of fascist terrorists here. All participants of this committee, regardless of their membership to a party or their personal ideas, agreed that we face a total failure of the stately organs, total collapse. There IS nothing: No brain, no idea – simply: nothing.

It’s unbelievable.

I do not think that I am a kind of “alarmist”, whatever that may be, but I feel that something changes here. I have to think a lot about 1977, the “Deutsche Herbst” (Ger., Eng.), and what originated from this. Here started my political consciousness.

At this moment: If I had the money, I would leave. Go on a long vacation. A shed in the forest seems to be a good alternative.

28 thoughts on “I Want a Cigarette

  1. We have them here as well. I have the feeling that the NS would have rounded up this pathetic group as untermensch.

    PS: Was bedeutet “herjemineh?”

  2. The politics are different, but the dissatisfaction rings similar. Plans are fickle bastards. A cabin in the forest sounds good to me. Surrounded by “no trespassing” signs.

  3. I could fix you up in a yurt in a welsh woodland if the worst comes to the worst… I have made plans.
    And I still smoke… though I don’t encourage it.

  4. “Herjemineh” is a interjection, an expression of surprise, contracted “Herr Jesus domine” – what the peasants understood from the priest’s holy mumble. I think it’s comparable to the French “Sacre Bleu” and it’s variants (where the “bleu” subsitute “Dieu”) and to other “nonsensical” words like Abrakadabra, Hokuspokus et al. But the last ones are so called Zauberworte, words with a magical function.
    Regarding the new NS – I simply do not get it, LX.

    Good God Norma – twenty years! Respect. I relapsed after ten years – but am gung-ho to stop this nasty habit now.

    A nice hedge from Schwarz-, Weiß– and Rotdorn, Hecken- oder Hundsrosen and these berries that grow like mad would also help, Cie. All roses by the way.

    This sounds very promising, MsScarlet! I’d even go out and pluck some berries with my bare hands!

  5. Scarlett’s yurt in Wales sounds lovely, I’d like to go. It sounds like you feel as many Americans have for quite some time. I hate to see the news, things just get worse and worse with no solution to fix it. Doesn’t matter to me if its a Democrat or Republican in the White house. They both fuck things up in their own way and don’t deal with the real issues because they must worry about re-election or party line obligations. We’re screwed.

    Go get some red wine, preferably a Syrah/Shiraz, and have a drink for me.

    Take care,
    M Proxima

  6. We have some nice “sugar shacks” here in Canada that you may want to consider.

    They are cabins in the forest where they make maple syrup.

  7. Hello Mr Maggs! I’m still about and I did get your comments… Seems that you were sent for time out in the moderation room by blogger.
    Politics is purely based on popularity these days… There is no room for debate of the real issues and the media only spins their own agenda on whatever the issue is.
    There is quite a lot of good news out there and people doing good things in the world. It’s just that good news doesn’t grab our (consumer) attention. If the media started to report all the good stuff how will they continue to keep us feeling fearful and powerless and buying life insurance and builsing bomb shelters?
    I’m lighting up as we speak!

  8. I promise, Proxima – next bottle of red will be emptied in your honour!

    In the neighbourhood of Helen and Scott perhaps? I think I have a copy of their sugar book here MJ

    Bomb shelters are out of fashion, Princess – except the next fashion trend would be recycling the Cold War!

    I thought she lives by coffee and cider!? If I can make it to the blog party on the 29th of June, dear Z, I will give you notice at least a week in advance.

  9. … and they have a library there. All I’d need would be a kind of working plan throughout the year – I barely know the upside from the downside of a plant! Forget about what to do when in the garden. But I learn pretty fast.
    I did not know this website, last time I was looking for them I came to a Thoreau-center where their papers etc. are kept.

  10. Come to live in Scotland where we have the opportunity to start again from scratch, and could do with the input of someone like you.

  11. … gargl …

    No, I am sure that I am no saint Anna K..

    Temptress! I have no clue about Scotland, all I know is from FONTANEs book Jenseits des Tweed (text), Eryl.
    I understand that there is a movement for Scottish independence, can you give me a link where I can read about this movement / development? I think the articles in the English press were not always unbiased.

  12. I have a bed for you if you can make it darling. Do come!

    I drink red wine and/or cider. But these last few days I’ve been enjoying gin – Bombay Sapphire.

    Just come, don’t worry about booze. This is not a dry household!


  13. I always see these blue bottles, but never had the guts to buy one Roses.

    A big THANK YOU to all the nice people who invited me!
    If things go finally downhill in Germany there is always Albion!

  14. If I were awfully rich Austere, I’d invite you to travel to Istanbul – and watch and follow you from a distance, playing hide and vanish. Leaving a note here and there.

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