16 thoughts on “Resistance is Futile

  1. You sneaked in, MsScarlet!
    It’s not sitting next to a potato, dear MsScarlet, but next to a Kastanie, a chestnut, in front of keyboard and screen.
    And exactly: Bathtime!

  2. Without my bathtub, life would be really awful, dear Eryl. Let’s thank the Romans that they brought bath and wine to our countries!

    Hello and welcome Norrbu; so the wheel turns and turns …

    HA – the chestnut stayed outside, Joyce. And thinking of it, the duck always lives on the board under the bathroom mirror, gently glowing at night. I think the colour changed a bit over the years and it is not that yellow anymore as it used to be.
    And where have you been all the time?

  3. Rubber ducky, you’re the one!

    Enjoy your bath lovely. I take showers in the warmer weather. Recently, I’ve had to abandon that tradition as it isn’t warmer, but I’m as ever, optimistic.

  4. “Many rubber ducks and other toys are made from PVC which contains chemicals which may be harmful if released into the environment.”

    Enjoy your bath.

  5. You and Roses may have the “big girly squeal” NOW, IDV!

    Sorry to hear this JON, there’s always a second chance!

    MY duck will not be released in the environment, MJ!

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