14 thoughts on “Just a Find

  1. My pleasure Z.

    I corrected my mistake Herr von LAX – I have no clue why I wrote San Francisco.

    Life is fast on your side of the ocean, dear Norma!

  2. I must have a look at this internet archive, MJ. I think it’s Dr. John’s tribute to Buddy Bolden, but – gema forbid! – I am not allowed to hear this in Germany via another video.

  3. I tried the link but was told the video is currently “unreachable.” I shall imagine the drive through 1940s Los Angeles instead. And then I shall retire to my gentleman’s residence for a cocktail or two…..

  4. Hello and welcome Nick, thank you for your first comment here.
    The purified video does not always work, I have no idea why, possibly too much traffic. Here is the link to youtube.
    “gema” does not allow me to hear music of Dr. John here. Yesterday I had the sound, today I hear nothing. Anyway, it’s a great video, hope you enjoy it.

  5. fantastic, sugar! i know that area of los angeles before and after the bunker hill re-development. the site has other tours of l.a. that are equally as nostalgic for me. i remember riding up and down angel’s flight with my grandmother and going to central market. in the ’90’s i worked in city hall and spent a lot of time downtown! thanks for link! xoxoxox

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