… godawful …

This morning I found it pretty damn difficult to recognize myself in the mirror. My eyes were so swollen that they literally were slits and I could hardly open them. I looked like Charlie CHAN (Ger., Eng.) after a booze-up. Over the last days its hard to get up, to awake fully. I never was one of those persons who are “click !” awake, get up and go over whatever tasks may lay ahead. I always need some time to reach working temperature, this involves two cups of coffee.
Also waking up is normally a process that lasts about ten minutes, until I know who I am, where I am and what I should do. In earlier years I could condition meself when a job had to be done and I needed to get up after some hours in the very early morning. I would concentrate on f.e. four hours, look at the watch or the alarm clock and go to sleep; I would wake up one minute before the alarm and then could rise and go about my business. I doubt that I can still do this. But over the last days this strange status inbetween, betwixt being fully awake and fully asleep, this strange transit area either increased, or I stay there for longer times. It is not uncomfortable, there is action, I speak (don’t know whether in my head only); sometimes I have the feeling it is a real other world, and when I sleep there, I am awake here.
Maybe I was drinking in dreamland.

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  1. I fear it’s book dust, LX. Or grass. According to the weatherpeople of bayernwetter.de “Gräser” and “Roggen” are strong now. Tomorrow I’ll clean my sleeping room thoroughly, maybe it will be better then.
    Also interesting are Amon Düül, Ash Ra (Temple), and Birthcontrol – I thought about linking their “Gamma Ray (of pure existence)”.

    GEMA is of course totally uncool.

    Sadly the purify-thingy seems to be overloaded again – people seem to use it frequently … hope they once can afford more server space.

  2. I’m not a morning person either. I need coffee and the pink fluffy dressing gown. I do need a couple of hours before I’m fit for human company.

    Swollen eyes though sounds like allergies to me. Do you normally suffer with them? Are you feeling okay honey?

  3. I don’t do very well with the waking up looking human process. My right eye will continue to droop for a time even after the left is open. I also sometimes wake up with my hand smothered in drool. It ain’t pretty!

  4. It sounds like sleep Paralysis a truly distressing experience. The first time I experienced an episode was about 10 years ago, I was woken up to the sound of someone/thing trudging slowly up the stairs, I tried to move but I couldn’t, my bedroom door was swung open and something large jumped on the bed, I could feel it’s huge weight, and thank goodness my back was turned away from the door otherwise I would have seen it, then it started to paw at the bedclothes and at my face, all I could do in my defence was to make pathetic little whimpering noises. I rarely get them now, since I stopped drinking those caffeine energy drinks.

    Perhaps dear Mago you’re getting high from those fusty old books of yours.

  5. Hop it’s better by now,it does sound as if it might be something in your bedroom, if you’ve been unusually lethargic at the beginning of the day.

    I like to have time to wake up slowly, sometimes starting in that inbetween state. Often, I am not sure which day of the week it is and have to think myself into the present for a few minutes. Once I’m up, I get going straight away, though. I never go downstairs in my dressing gown, because that’s when all the people call in unexpectedly who I’d most like to impress with my smartness and efficiency.

  6. Excuses, MJ – “Wild Rose Hips” needs no excuses!

    As long as you do not bite into parts of yerself, all may be well Cie!

    CARAMBA! This paralysis is horrifying, Mitzi! I have to read this about the book fungus carefully! I thoroughly cleaned my sleeping room, and the other rooms too, only one left – stuffed with books of course …

    I think it becomes a bit better now Z, after the cleaning action. Isn’t it strange, people stand in front of the door when one is not fully prepared, always! And your smartness and efficiency are most impressive!

    Ah sorry ROSES, I scrolled you over! No worries my dear, I am well, alive and kicking!

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