Sunday Music

What a beautiful day it was! A walk in the park with ice cream, lying lazy on  the sofa, evening walk around the fields – easy, relaxed, no computer. It was, as I feel it, the first real summer day of the year; the temperature will rise well over 30° Celsius in the coming days until a sharp drop back towards the end of the week. Time to sit on the balcony with a chilled rosé.
Tomorrow it’s work again – around midday I will start the engine and travel into the Spessart, at least one clergyman could not escape anymore – to be fair, it was a friendly telephone conversation. The other one is, to put id mildly, a bit strange. They should make them chance the parish after some years, too long in the dark woodlands can make a man a bit weird; more a bout this only when I have seen him in person.

This Sunday Music is a piece by DEBUSSY (Ger., Eng.), Rêverie, sorry, I do not know who plays it here.
I hope you enjoy it ! And finally summer !



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Summer hasn’t made it to this part of England yet, it’s not even 20º let alone 30º! Glad you’ve taken a day to relax. Lovely music, thank you.

  2. Still no summer – I’m sorry for you Z! MsScarlet will still cling to her thermal vest, as should you when you go out with Ben!

    How cool is that! Thank you for this link La Mer LX!
    (and no gema involved, yet …)

  3. We have perfect weather here in Kanatha, but I must say that I’m not picky when it comes to the weather. I love rainy days, and nothing’s better than Debussy for those greyish days when everything is so calm and peaceful. Seasons pass so fast by over here; I try to enjoy every bits of it.

  4. MsScarlet, I think you’ll switch seamlessly from the thermal vest to the winter coat …

    Can’t remember Saturday at the moment, my brain is mush as always, dear MJ ..,

    Oh Cie, I really wish you could stop that nightshifts and all!

    I am not sure, Austere. I am not too conversant with Van Gogh’s oevre, and of course I was thinking in this direction, but I am not sure.

    It’s always the now JON. Marcus Aurelius speaks about this, the small span of time we really are into, always in transit, and trying to “fix” something, manifest, keep – all in vain of course. In the end its the beauty that lasts, artes.

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