There was …

… nothing else to do, except sweating and waiting for the thunderstorm, so I played around with the design and choose another one – I simply could not stand the headlines anymore, too bold. I am not completely happy with the new layout, because the colon ” : ” and the semicolon ” ; ” are out of line. And I will have to put some effort in choosing (and snapping) the header picture, it’s a bit large I guess.
The heat gets on my nerves, I become impatient, easily annoyed, no good company. There is a certain white light in the sky that pulls my last nerve – where is this forecast French thunderstorm when one needs it ? I am not able to work, because my concentration just evaporates, and the headaches are always there, despite I had half of a painkiller. At least I managed to transcribe birth- and marriage-entries I had collected on Monday and Tuesday, so the next rent is saved.

8 thoughts on “There was …

  1. What is that about the colon and semicolon?

    I like that the Mago Mango® was retained. For me, the body font is a bit “thin” which makes it a bit more difficult to read (contrast of text/background). Sorry.

    Stay cool.

  2. On my screen the colon and the semicolon were not in the line, maybe three or four points too high – it looked really annoying! I think this font is even thinner, LX?

    But it has a folding left sidebar!

  3. Ganz nett jetzt. Vielleicht ein bisschen langweilig? Das große breite Layout fand ich immer recht ansprechend … (Große Männer, große Taten ;-))

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