Sunday Music

Oh yes, I am so not in the mood. For anything. Fresh clean air, sunshine, böööööh … never really woke up over the course of this day. I just want to curl up  on the sofa and read a bit. Next week I will stroll around the new area the university re-builds, it was former used by the American Forces. The Institute for European Ethnology has a converted apartment block somewhere and I want to visit and see the new wonders. And I think I will hang around the university library a bit. I only hope my customers bring themselves to pay their bills before the next first, I really do not like this stir.
And now let’s listen to Japanese Bossa Nova.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I will not comment on this, dear MsScarlet.

    Nicht wahr, Z!? It is not “essential” (and I am not sure what that means anyway!), but even without the title mentioning “60’s” one would recognize from what period it is.

    They are very advanced in their efforts now, XL. Next week the road to Gerbrunn will be closed because a big part of the bridge for the pedestrians will be installed. And with the houses they are also very effective, I think there are very few unused buildings now. One or two of the smaller “Offiziershäuser” had to be demolished, at least one for the bridge and one for the new Strassenbahn, and I think a third, but am not sure. I will look at it next week Tuesday or Wednesday.
    And I saw an article in the local press about the plans regarding the buildings at the old landing strip, there are also conversions going on. From the 40 hectares or so the Army left the university took only a small portion, the very interesting things happen on the other land – and I do not hear very much about it openly! I think the backroom-Gemauschel is doing overtime … Basically the city gets a totally new quarter – and “quarter” can be understood literally.
    And when I watch and take part in the plannings etc. from our village, as interested citizen who I am, I can watch firsthand how the city tries to pull us over the barrel !

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