There were complaints about the layout. Again. So I grabbed one with single column and footer-widget-area, without any further excentricities, it should work now for some time to come. I hope the comment-button is clearly visible.


5 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. Princess says:

    This is not a complaint… I am curious as to why one must conscider changing your page format on the whim of others…. It is your blog after all Mr Mags… surely your regulars will adjust to any changes you choose to make… after all… It is the comfy chair, the hopitality and the written words we come to read and musical interludes to listen to… I don’t care what the place looks like… It’s you that i come spend my time with…

    Oh hai Mr VebottenLax…

  2. Not yet, LX, not yet.

    Ach I am wax, dear Princess, wax I say … Thank You for the lovely words, thank you too Norma, but I’m just schlaffschlaffschlaff … a spineless creature without any energy in the fell dragging the bonesack from sofa to desk, a puppet on a string, ach, ach und nochmal ach

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