Sunday Music

From a technical point of view it’s still Sunday, somewhere. This time it took me a little longer to find something I would like to present in this little series.  In the end I found Irving BERLIN’s Waiting at the end of the road in a version of Elmer GROSSO from September 1929 – a hopeful and friendly foxtrot,  hope you enjoy it!



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. My paternal grandparents were 29 and 28 years old in 1929. That music and those photos make me wish I could somehow travel back in time to 1929 to see what they were like when they were that young.

  2. 1929… just after the big crash. From then on, it all went downward. Let’s hope our crash won’t find the same end.
    Sorry to be so gloomy. It’s Canada Day on Monday and I just don’t feel like celebrating. But I’ve never been a flag waver anyways.
    I just love those old recordings made in “mono”. I find them so much more authentic.

  3. Hi Mr Lax … Mind if I cut in?

    Thanks for the smooth whirl around the room Mr Mags…
    I didn’t realise just how difficult it is to dance going backwards in high heels…

    I do hope your toes recover soon from all my inelegant stomping…

  4. Mine were 17 and 18; grandfather was “auf der Walz“; I think they met in the following year or maybe 1932.

    Black Frayday was 1927 (but was a kind of collaps of the German stocks exchange), black Thursday in October 1929 – what ironically is known in Europe as Black Frayday too, because of the different time zones. If I remember it right the European stock exchanges even made a kind of stabilizing movement, but after the weekend, especially Tuesday, it went downhill very fast. I hope you can enjoy the holiday, JON.

    It all went well since we got that stiletto out of my toe, thank you Princess. And it was not stomping, but floating like a cloud!

    Excactly – eeins zweei sidestep tap – at the moment I feel a bit like at the edge of free falling, MsScarlet, so a sidestep is not necessarily a good idea, let’s turn instead!

  5. In 1929 my father was at Oxford. I know he was a rich young man, studious but with a love of fast cars and jazz. I wonder if he ever heard that recording.

  6. Very nice foxtrot! It’s been a while since I danced a foxtrot. Perhaps since ‘die Tanzschule’. After that it was just what we referred to as the Partyfox.

  7. I think I have a bit of time now to look for materials of my family, Z, maybe In will write something; depends on what I find.

    Hello Foam, welcome and thank you for your first comment here.

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