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Sunday, finally. Quietness, nothing that “must” be “done” “now”, just the heat, a bath and a book that could not escape. I like reading biographies, maybe I’ll try Stacy SCHIFF‘s (Ger., Eng.) Saint-Exupéry (Ger., Eng.) – I wonder whether they finally have found the remains of his plane -; or something about Valentin SCHWAB, the photographer I mentioned earlier;  this will lead to a post of his own. Or I could look through the list of stored reviews “to be read later”, and start to decide whether I want to see the book and can get it via the library or the inter-library exchange thingy – but this sounds awfully like work. And despite the fact that I have no contract at the moment, I have enough to work on, but not today.
Time to climb into the bathtub, relax and regress into an amphibian like state; bless the Romans for bringing the bath North of the Alps – of course, later,  when the imperium had finally crumbled away, the dirty barbarians had no clue what these constructions were used for and it all fell in disrepair. It is not just a tub filled with water, it’s the result of planned and organised infrastructure that finally leads to a fine carved marble bath with hot running water, perfumed soap and soft towels; how un-germanic.
Lets leave the stammering savages behind and look at today’s Sunday Music, its Jazz again, again a trio: The Great Oscar PETERSON (1925-2007) (Ger., Eng.), together with Barney KESSEL (Ger., Eng.) and Niels-Henning Ørsted PEDERSEN (Ger., Eng.), lässt’s einfach laufen*. Since it was Julian BREAM’s (Ger., Eng.) eightieth birthday last week I toyed with the idea to bring some of his work on lute, but finally decided against Mr. BREAM, who sometimes was maybe a bit too analytical; PETERSON-KESSEL-NiHØP are simply better suited for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. I hope you enjoy it; may the coming week bring only good things, last one delivered enough nonsense.



* I think I spotted Mistress MJ in the audience?

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  1. My first flat in Berlin had a nice tub with hand-held shower. There was no shower curtain, so it was too cold and drafty to shower. So it was hot soaking baths.

    The flat last year had a dedicated shower. One day the downstairs neighbor came by to tell me that water was leaking from my shower onto her ceiling! The landlady was out of the country at the time, so I removed the old loose caulking from the shower and repaired with new clear silicone caulking from BAUHAUS. The neighbor never returned and the landlady, via e-mail, was pleased with the repair.

  2. You are the perfect tenant LX! I would not know what to do in such a situation. Except from stop to shower of course.

    Dramatic. Reminds me a bit of the Menin Gate or the Thiepval Memorial, but this is in red brick. There is a list of these buildings on wikipedia. I would like to see once this statue; there are some very interesting memorial buildings in the East.

    You can see her at 5.34, briefly, dear Norma.

  3. I’m too stupid to come clear with the navigation in google street view, I can not manouvre the figure towards the front of the memorial. But there are other good pictures of it.

  4. Now that the heat wave has receded and the temperatures have dramatically dropped, I think a warm bath is a good idea for tonight with some nice jazzy tunes. I had the priviledge of seeing Oscar many times in Montreal, mostly at the Jazz Festival, one of my favorite summer event in the city.

  5. No end of the heat in sight, Jon. Next week we’ll reach 35° C and there will be rain, what means nothing but sauna. Towards the end of the week a storm front shall come from the Atlantic via France, doesn’t sound too good.
    I never saw Mr. Peterson play live, now it’s too late.

  6. Late again for Sunday music. Honestly!

    How’s it going lovely Herr Mago?

    We were forecast thundery showers today. Either I slept through them, or someone needs to look up their definition. :)

    Hope your week is fun and productive.

    Big hugs


  7. Ah Roses, no need to excuse – with all the things you actually have on your plate, and nonetheless you dropped by. I will start to double my productivity very soon, from zero to hundred … the heat kills me. I am sleeping most of the time, my head hurts and after midday my brain turns into Pamps

  8. MJ looks like a young Deirdre Barlow. I hope you are feeling nice and fresh after your bath. It’s on hot sticky nights, like these we could do with a good punkawalla.

  9. It’s terrible Mitzi, tomorrow 35° C and up to 37 for the weekend; some rain and thunder is forecast for in between, but it will only turn the whole area into a big sauna.
    A punkawalla (I had to look it up of course) would be a nice idea, but I guess the electric substitute will have to do, if I find the machine in the cellar
    I am sorry, any references to Coronation Street are in vain here: I have never seen this series (I think the German Lindenstrasse is a derivate of it, never saw this also), and thus am not familiar with the characters. I think of MJ as a total independent entity of her own.

  10. CARAMBA! Thank you for this link, LX! I will have a close look at all of them!

    A nice little thunderstorm just swept through the area. I could watch how the wind whipped the rain into the hedges, trees and vineyards. When it had calmed down I saw a foggy cloud forming in one of the vineyards, swirling gently into the woods – these hills were really warm!

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