Sunday Music

Rain rushes, thunder rolls along, lightning is far away, at least five or six seconds. It’s remarkably cool and will stay so through tomorrow; towards the middle of the week thirty degrees Celsius will be reached again.
This evening I was caught unaware by some böreks (Ger., Eng.) neighbours had sent over, the curse of the good deed, “that propagating still, it brings forth Good.”

John WILLIAMS (Ger., Eng.) and Julian BREAM (Ger., Eng.) play Castilla by Isaac ALBENIZ (Ger., Eng.) from Suite Española, opus 47 (Ger., Eng.). Mr. BREAM turned eighty on the 15th of this month – happy birthday, master!
I hope you enjoy the music, and that we all will face a carefree and relaxed week.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for this wonderful musical interlude.
    I had just thought to take myself and my Gipsbein outside, but it’s thundering again… Oh, we’ll..
    I wish you a good week too, Herr Mago.

  2. beautiful music… just what I needed for a nice relax now the show’s over.
    Thunder lightening and heavy rain here too… but it’s only 10 degrees C.
    You have very generous neighbours…

  3. I think I own one of their longplayers, but am not sure, dear Z. My musical expeditions bring me to places where your father has been, ha!

    If your Gipsbein becomes wet, will it dissolve into foam, dear Hoppelschaum?

    It’s the börek-connection, Eryl … and a nice diversion from the usual horse-heads …

    Crunchy on the outside, of the sigara-type, filled with cheese, just still warm from the oven; they come in tons of variations, the sweet ones with honey, nuts and that green stuff whose name I forgot, are also highly recomendable. A normal portion should contain eight or more. I think it’s a Blätterteig, a puff pastry, but am not entirely sure. In Greek its “Phyllo“.

    Filled bliny – but as I understand plintzes are made from a dough with egg, while börek is made from a very simple dough, like matzes. Or many fillo-sheets, dear Norma – just have a look at the links, please, its all wikipedia.

    Take care, Princess, nobody wants the flue to return! They are a friendly lot. We had others too.

  4. … I sit here with an open mouth.

    Matryoshkas. Theremins. Beethoven. It all makes sense of course, you just must have the idea. And find hundredsixtyseven black clad Japanese who will perform it. The world is wonderful!

    Congratulations to this find, Musik LX!

  5. So many times when I watch a video, I have to close my eyes so that I don’t see all the twitching and the faces and grimaces musicians make while playing. I doesn’t take anything out of the performance, but I don’t think it add anything either.

    To a lady who commented to me after a recital that I wasn’t showing much expression while singing, I told her that music is meant to be heard with the ears, not with the eyes. I know… I was quite arrogant!

    The Asturias is IM-PEC-CA-BLE. And we see here how Williams keeps body movements to the strict minimum. All the energy is focused on the task: the wrists, the hands, the fingers.

    And where the hell did you hear about the matryomin, Lx! This is crazy! Love it. Thanks a lot. Here’s a little bit of Duke Ellington à la matryoshka 😉

  6. Finally someone who comments about the music, ha! Thank you for bringing the link to the mother of the matryomins. I wonder when they will be seen in Europe for the first time.

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