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Ah yes, the mother of the year in the appartement downstairs has reached operating temperature. I know that little kids can bring one to the edge, but this woman starts yelling at eight in the morning and it goes on through the day. I had a close look at her little son last week when I met them in the elevator, and am sure that she does not hit or slap him – if she would do this, me and other concerned neighbours would take action. It’s bad enough  the way it is …  The lady in the appartement next to me has a daughter (let’s call her Annie) about the same age as the boy downstairs (let’s call him Luke). Annie’s mother now and then also lets out a yell, and little Annie once was happily taking (throwing?) books out of my shelves and running around in my rooms and all. I grabbed her when she vanished behind a sofa here, simply because there are electrical jacks and cables lying around – this living room is not meant to have children rummaging around, and nobody needs fried Annie.  She looked very astounded when I lifted her by her dress, turned around, and holding her at my extended arm put her in her mother’s arms.
But Annie’s mother manages to keep her cool, mostly. Luke’s mother seemingly can not. So what does Luke do? He is active and wants to move, and he seemingly tests the boundaries. And he is not a silent kid, he speaks and answers back to his fuming mother. Now and then he does what she teaches him: He yells, “Nein!” or “Ruhe!”. Again: Not in fear or in defence while attacked, but simply because he can, and does what she does. Over time one learns to listen to the crying of kids and to secern whether its a scream of agony, fear or fight, or simply  something they repeat or just enjoy to do.  Sometimes the brads just turn the wailing on, and switch it off when happened what they wanted to happen.
Right now I need all this like the proverbial Kropf, a goitre, this absolutely unnecessary thing the alpine aborigines develop because of lack of iodine (Ger., Eng.). It became so normal in the alpine region that the Kropfband (Ger.) became a part of traditional Bavarian and Austrian clothing.
I had a not too nice conversation with a friend today, I owe him (not just “some” but a lot of) money. I am very grateful to him, he was very noble to me, but it is about time that I pay back. There was no room for discussions or parley, I had to accept what he demanded; it’s just another bill at the start of September I can not balance, yippeeh-ay-yeah. Monday I had a nice conversation with the head of the bookmines, I will work there in October, and in between I have nothing coming in. I have only a small transcription of a letter from 1942, that’s just two hours work, macht den Kohl nicht fett. So I may look for a cleaning job or for a driving job, like in shuttling special needs kids to school and back, I saw advertisements for this lately. What is for sure is that I will not work through the nights again, be it security or something else, no more night shifts: I do not want to have another heart attack.


For something completely different – Google wants to connect my youtube account with my g+ account at all cost – but I do not want this. And I thought (silly me!) that I had not connected these two things with each other. So I will delete my youtube thingy. Maybe I set up another one with another email address – it is just convenient to have the “history”-button.
After all, what the Snowdon papers show and what google and consorts behaviour teaches, the most important thing a person nowadays can have is an email-address, “validated”. They also keep on pestering me by demanding a number for a portable – because they would like to call me when something goes wrong or such.  Ach, come on, it’s just the last brick for the complete surveillance picture. The old apparatus I now and then carry around can be reached by a number, yes, but I basically hate these devices and I will not give the number for this prepaid thing to anybody else – it’s enough to deal with the two people who already know it.


Monsters start to creep in a bit. I feel that I carry too much ballast around, mostly books and what is connected with them – you wanted to read this, write this, compare this with that – when it’s not done within ten years, when will it ever be done? I should clear out the basement, and the two rooms I have here, and get rid of some tons of nonsense I carried to this place. If I’ll ever have the chance to move on from now, I better deal with stuff now. Roses’ bonfire was  a good thing – and she’s much younger than me.

Here is music A, and music B, just for fun, enjoy.

Und da is’ noch’n Rausschmeißer … if you like that sorta noise … but there’s always Bonnie Raitt , whopee

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  1. Ah, my lovely – massel und broches will come! I only hope that it’s all right with you, Norma – and may be Norma’s mame – your last comment made me a bit concerned. Chin up! Or as Princess likes it: Bottoms up!

  2. Ah yes, belt-tightening time. You and me both. Perhaps we should start by swapping recipes for things to make with baked beans?

    I’m sorry to hear you have no work in September, but it’s good to know you’ve got options to tide you over. Fingers crossed it all works out.

    I’m still doing the lottery. I’ll be right over with a massive cheque for you when I win!


  3. Same here, I hope you find some work and some peace and quiet. Meanwhile get the to the decluttering… you’ll feel much better for it… and you may even find an ancient relic that is worth a fortune. Live in hope, as ever.

  4. And vice versa, dear Roses, when I hit the big one this evening I’ll cut you in! I am not familiar with baked beans, but know a lot of variations of Zucchini and carrots (except cake!).

    Just fly over it, Eryl, it’s mostly whining.

    I now and then see an ancient artifact that is worth a fortune in the mirror, Ms. Quotes!

  5. I am annoyed with Google for wanting to link everything. It’s part of the reason for leaving Blogger and I use Bing as a search engine now. I don’t hide who I am or what I do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to keep some things separate from others.

    I’m sorry about your problems, dear Mago, I hope you find some work to keep the cashflow going. It is not whining to tell us about it, that is the great thing about blogging. We sympathise and are concerned for you, the warmth you feel is real but you don’t see us daily and wish you hadn’t said anything.

  6. Yes, Z – it’s a bit like “we connect the dots for you – whether you like it or not”.

    Yelling at them in Scots? I think the mother of the year would sooner or later yell even if their son would be of angelic well behaviour, MJ.

  7. Ach! It’s so hard to fence off panic attacks and anxiety in such rough times. Peanut butter and cucumber sandwiches help keeping food bills low while being very nutritional! 😉

    And yes, dear Roses, I never thought beans could be so versatile. 🙂

    But we’ve still got music…

    ya-la-la-yee-tee, ya-la-la-yee-tee

  8. Cucumber sandwiches are alright with me, dear Jon, and I am very glad that we have music and the arts left – but Peanut butter?

    A very interesting and encouraging list, Imbiß LX – with fluffernutter (!) as culminating conclusion: I never thought of combining peanut butter and fluff!

  9. One of my lodgers has lost his job (with a German company) after one of hte directors stole all the money from the company. So he’s in trouble, and therefore so am I. I am poised on a very fine financial pivot–if a single thing goes wrong, it does affect me seriously.

    Shouting at children–I lost my temper with my girls sometimes when they were very small, and always regretted it afterwards. It teaches them nothing, really. But to make shouting a normal, everyday thing to do, makes the child know that the parent has already used up her most powerful voice, and has nothing left in reserve when she wants to express *real* annoyance.

  10. i thought i’d left a comment here! *sigh* the MITM would go very quiet when he was upset with something the children had done, so once he called their name or names, and started talking they’d have to stop instantly! me on the other hand? i sounded like rita moreno on electric company yelling, hey, you guys! xoxoxo

  11. Sometimes when I’m at a rest stop on a highway, and I see some kid with some adult, I consider it, and I realize there’s no real proof that that kid belongs to that adult. My memory sucks, so I don’t remember all the amber alerts I see…

    Yeah, google connecting everything up, I’m not sure what’s connected to what.

  12. Sorry, Svannah, it seemingly fell behind the sofa or something. Or the cat … ? 04:30 in the morning, on b of milk, she has quite an organ …
    Btw its nice to see you in Bloggsville again more often!

    Hello Bobby, welcome, and thank you for your first comment. Google connects every dot with another, whether one wants it or not. When they created a g+ site for my youtube-persona without asking me I deceided that it was enough. The connection between the two things was only that I gave the email-address I used for youtube as back-up-address for my g+ account. I am not overly paranoid, and I do not hide, I simply do not like this.
    They all are busily making lists and comparing them – so your advice to create a list of one’s own is spot on!

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