I found a German interview (here) with Prof. Dr. C.  BENZMÜLLER. Together with B. WOLTZENLOGEL PALEO he formalized GOEDEL’s proof of God’s existence. The article (in English) here. The two scholars solved a pretty tricky problem of the formalized logic and found ways to express formally difficult logical  Annahmen höherer Ordnung  using höherstufige Quantoren (Ger., Eng.).
I like the fact that they used Sledgehammer, but not MaSH, or Judgement Day.

[Insert sting / rimshot here]

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  1. Thank you beschiß LX – that’s exactly what I need. I will store it.

    No tests here, dear Hoppelschaum, just keep your Quantoren dry.

    I will read this tomorrow, thank you! Wonder what sources he used.
    Also off topic, beschiß LX: I just trawled through Deep Space Daguerrotype and found some pictures of Marlene here. It would be interesting to learn where the statue is, if it still exists.

  2. I studied Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem as part of my degree. Very interesting it was, although now I simply remember a woman I used to fancy walking into my bedroom one day to find me reading Gödel and laughing at me for doing so.

    The long, patiently-built-up edifice of desire I felt for her collapsed in that moment.

  3. I would never piss on your leg, dear Norma – come to think of it, I would never piss on anybody’s leg or other body part.

    I never “got” formal logic; like höhere Mathematik – does the word “higher mathematics” exist? – this was always hostile alien territory. Only lately I think I understood what a so called “function” is – while I tinkered with the history of computing, what is nothing else but applied mathematics and logic.
    Our brains decide what is important – Gödel’s dings can be re-read, the memory is stored and can be re-activated; the collapse of desire for this person is unique, can not be repeated, re-lived – this memory pushes aside the other stored items. You studied philosophy ilooby?

  4. The only Algebra I ever understood was Boolean Logic. I made a very high grade in that section of the course, otherwise I would still be in High School trying to pass Algebra. It also paid off in later life when working on computer and electronic digital logic.

  5. Is the phrase for höhere Mathematik in English “pure mathematics”? I don’t know, I’m afraid I have no German at all.

    Yes, my first degree was in Music and Philosophy. I wantedto be good at logic and I was frustrated that I was very bad at it. The unique power that logic gives you, if you can learn to use it, is that you don’t have to question the truth-value of your opponent’s propositions: you can defeat the argument by demonstrating the failure of its own internal structure. There are limits to how far you can argue using language alone.

  6. Oh dear, Mr Boole … “and”, “or”, “not” – used to define the connection between data in a database, but I can not remember where the “if” comes from. I was confronted with Boolean Logic when I was sent to a course to learn Access; an early version where one had to use a graphic interface for defining the relations between saied “fields”. Never worked. It was much easier to write it down. Or to explain it to someone who could draw these silly lines and define them, and actually make them do something, LX.

    “Höhere” = “higher” mathematics seem not to be defined properly, the German article leads to “Further mathematics“. “Pure” mathematics is differenced from the “applied” mathematics (like cryptology and such) – as always in the field of natural science: The pure theoreticians and the not so pure handlers.
    “There are limits to how far you can argue using language alone.” – what follows hereupon? The argument of fist? :)

  7. Thanks for the Marlene link. I looked through my Dietrich bio books, but not much info about the statue except a brief mention in the book written by her daughter. The statue was done by Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta.

  8. No, nothing like that. She did say that the head was Marlene, but the body was someone else because Marlene’s breasts were not that well-formed! But the Paramount publicity dept had the fake story printed in the movie magazines that Marlene had posed for the statue.

  9. Oh – Marlene uses a sledgehammer (pic 33) – it all works together!

    Thank you for the very interesting link, Beschiß LX. Scarpitta sen. died 1948, his son, also a sculptor and an adventurer, has an exhibition somewhere, his estate is managed probably in LA. Maybe the statue survived there, or it is still in some warehouse of the film company.

  10. Wow. I have no clue. I wish I could read logic. I’m so behind on philosophy. I’d especially like to know what happened right before the step “A God-like being possesses all positive properties:”

  11. Good question Bobby. As I recall the demiurgus, also a “god-like being”, posses not “all positive properties”. In fact the demiurg, who is responsible for the creation of “world”, had some pretty nasty properties and did not care for his creations (us); maybe he had a bad hangover from bad plonk and cheap cigars …

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