Sunday Music

I “fell out of time” a bit, always thought it was Saturday today. The city all was filled with people and everything had the air of a kinda fair … it was all very satisfying, spending the day with nice people, presenting the town – one of the very few occasions when it felt like “my” town – and it lived up to this and did not disappoint. Spending the evening in one of the hospitals with very good wine and nice food; finally waving the visitors goodbye and enjoying a last drink on the balcony – hey, it doesn’t get better.
Last week was a bit tense, calls had to be made, thoughts had to be thought, plans made –  it all amounts towards the end of the month and the start of the new one, of course, naturally, as always: Things do go their way, equanimity is what life teaches, at least to me.

Tonight’s music – ZAPPA‘s (Ger., Eng.) Muffin Man (Eng.)  – comes for a reason: Now and then, you think that you have to deal with a man, but – well, it’s self-explanatory. Frank does very interesting guitar work here, it’s worth to be listened to, possibly on better equipment than a headset.
Hope you enjoy it, and have a relaxed week.

BTW – how do YOU like yer muffin?



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What a delightful Sunday you had. I’m out of wittiness this evening. All I can think of is gaga’s pokerface. She talks about her muffin. But that’s not how I like mine.. :-). Coincidentally, we did listen to a cd this afternoon with zappa playing with the bbc orchestra in London in 1968.

  2. “gaga” like in Lady Gaga? I can honestly say that I did hear nothing from her to this moment in my life Foam – and I want it to stay this way,

    If I had one, I’d happily hand it over to you Norma Desmond!

    MsQuotes – I have an easy receipe for choko croissants here – and there is croissant related music too. Sorry that’s all I have to offer.

  3. Why? Is it unbearable – too simple (bonk-bonk-bonk …ad infinitum), too explicit, or is it too age-related (in the sense that she targets her group of customers/consumers too well?) ? I really have no clue about this person and her music and will not go on youtube to search for her.

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