One of the good attributes of the interwebs is it’s “Ortlosigkeit” – does the word placelessness exist? The web is basically where “I” am – and I am on a meadows and plan to stay there. No stupid  phone, no mother of the year, no neighbour with a drilling machine – just the sun warming my derrière.

8 thoughts on “Meadows

  1. “Placelessness” is indeed a word, and a very rich word it is. I love living where I do, after my Wanderjahren, and feeling that I have no “place”. That is, the feeling that I don’t belong here, these are not my comrades.

  2. A very interesting Facette, Looby. “Nicht dazu gehören”, I know this feeling well. A substantive would be “Unzugehörigkeit” – very awkward and bulky, not an elegant word. Fremd, alien, would be a bit too strong?
    There exists the verb “fremdeln”, what describes when a person comes into surroundings where he “should” feel not alienated, but needs a time to “warm” the place, get connected again.

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