Slow Realisation

Ah yes, the desk. Trying to so something useful again. The mother of the year keeps her useless screaming somewhat low; the neighbour seemingly has drilled all holes he felt the need to bore; the phone – some idiot made it ring here over the course of one day from early morning to late evening for more than 25 times, how stupid can one be?
I have to admit that I am a slow learner, especially when it is about myself. So when I read in an email, sent to a third person (!), that someone “feels pity for mago’s life” I just went over it, mainly because other nonsense had to be cleared; but somehow this stuck. And only now I realize what an incredible arrogance is in there.
I am in my early fifties now. Do not be afraid, I will not start a suada about my life, explaining or even vindicating where I am, what I am, who I am. It is me, that’s it. And for being me I do not need anybody’s “pity” – I do not deal with such egoistic and histrionic hybris anymore, why should I? In earlier years I would have tried to explain something, “rectify” my “image”. But I have learned that there is a certain breed of judgemental idiots who will change nothing, even when you can show and proof to their faces that their ideas and assumptions are based on prejudices. So whoever wants to feel “pity” for me may do this, but should not wonder when I spit on it.


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  1. People hate having their assumptions proved incorrect (I include myself in the ‘people’ bracket). Ignore, get on, be who you are.
    Good heavens, I am gloomy this evening… I have been reading a novel that pretty much encompasses all human nature… we are a spitty crowd, aren’t we?

  2. With the emphasis on different, meaning not according to the speaker’s ideas, values and assumptions; thus denigrating the subject’s own ideas, values and of course decisions that led onto this life and life situation, denunciating the subject either as “victim of circumstances” or as a violator of the speaker’s ideas and values, which obviously held the secret for “success”, long life and the pursuit of happiness. All very patriarchal, but be assured Looby, my father did not speak so.

    You are right, Ms Quotes, I am people too. Good heavens – what did you read?

  3. I had some croissant related music linked for you on last Sunday Music – does this help a bit, Ms Quotes?
    I have not read Ms Rowling – she did this children books that had some success lately, yes?

  4. Carissima – that you notice “!

    I am proud to have you visiting this humble blog.
    After all we have only a restricted code of signs on our pecking boards, we should use it with responsibility. BTW you know what Otl Aicher did? Just popped up, sorry. Haushalten with the signs, economising.

    PS – this is an answer to Ms Quotes.

  5. Oh weh.. foam and semantics…
    Both are very similar. It depends on the context they are used in. And I did mean to write ‘feel pity’, Mago. If a misfortune befell somebody, like an accident, I might feel sorry or sorrow for that person and the situation they are in. I would not pity that person. I might even send a card to that person expressing my sorrow and offering them some chicken noodle soup or beer or something .. 🙂 If I invited you to eat a Mahlzeit at the foam house and you couldn’t come I might say.. It’s a pity you can’t come, Mago. (I could just as well have said.. It’s too bad you can’t come.) We’re having Grießsuppe mit Dampfnudeln.

  6. And I guess that we are in the same “flow” about “pity” Foam … to get it right here: A person wrote that he felt “Mitleid für mein Leben”, indicating (in the coherence of the written conversation) that it would be spent bad, aimless, not reaching “the goals”, yadayadayada – imputing that all what the person reached (what is a lot btw), a) would have been an aim for me (I am a lot older than the person), and b) would have been in reach for me (not by the best of circumstances!).

    I translated this with “feels pity for mago’s life”. If anyone wants to discuss …
    To say it clearly again: I do not need anybody who feels “pity for my life”: Ich brauche niemanden, der [mich und] mein Leben bemitleidet!
    This is such arrogant that words simply do escape me. Das ist dermaßen anmaßend, daß sich mir die Worte verbiegen!

    So I did not quite understand the “feel sorry” you mentioned and had no idea where to sort it in. And yes, Foam, I am a bit touchy about this. You made it all clear and I think I understand what you are saying, please excuse my reaction.

    So: Und um’s ganz deutlich zu sagen, damit’s auch jeder DEPP versteht: Ich scheiß’ auf euer verdammtes Mitleid, Ich brauch’ die verdammte Kohle!

  7. Minnie the Moocher! She could probably shake her hi-de, hi-de ho quite well .. 🙂

    It’s okay .. I’d be pissed if somebody felt pity for me too. I did get a few get well cards when I tore my Achilles’ tendon from folks expressing their sorrow and wishing me a speedy recovery. That’s more like compassion.
    Und …. Das würd’ mir aber auch ganz schön stinken wenn die verdammte Kohle die mir schuldig ist nicht ausbezahlt wird (würde?)

  8. I bitched about neighbors on my blog too. Inconsiderate peckerwoods, the lot of ’em!
    Actually, my neighbors to the side are fine. The ones in the back don’t think about anyone else’s comfort, only their own good time.
    I’m nearly 50. I’ve got no problem with it, even though I may have more wear and tear than I did in previous years. This society is too damn youth oriented. I refuse to dye my gray hair. Why should I be ashamed of it?

  9. “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity”
    If they want to pity me, then let them pity me.
    If they want to blame me, then let them blame me.
    If they want to kill me, go ahead, shoot!

    No one gets out of here alive anyways. Think of all the men of fought in the name of a god, of a country, or for a way of life for the past 5,000 years… all in vain. And the upcoming war with Syria… all in vain. All dying for NOTHING!

    No matter what I say, no matter what I do, it won’t change anything. The only thing I can change is me, and I do it not so much to improve or be better but only because I get bore at just being me, so I change for the fun of it. But even that is vanity. No one gets out of here alive. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    “Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.”
    “There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.”

    Okay… Did I just write this comment? Please, accept my apology.

  10. Good to see you again Cie – I do not think that your existence needs an explanation!

    I blinded you with my charm, LX!

    I think it’s the first time that ecclesiastes is cited here, Jon. Thank you, I’ll keep it in my heart.

    And to explain: Two comments were removed because the author of the comments got in touch with me and asked for this: Not being an English speaker the commentator came to the conclusion that the text simply not described or reproduced what she wanted to say.

  11. I’d have been angry too.
    i second lx.
    what bloody arrogance.

    btw I get regularly pitied, “poor girl, she’s all alone…” while all this time poor girl is busy trekking the himalayas or gaping at some desert marvel.

  12. Yes, Austere, getting defined over the partner, or the lack of. You are hard working and successful in your profession and allow yourself to do what you like, write and travel. If you’d like to change something you have the possibility to do; but surely not because someone felt pity for you, but because you decide to do so.

  13. I’m caring less and less when people do me like that. It can be done to you in so many ways…excessive advice is a major one being done to me lately by somebody. It still stings me. All the advice they offer – I already know – and I’ve obviously chosen to live my life this way that I’m living it.

    This same person, who is offering me all this advice, seems to also be saying that there’s no way she could like me because I am the type of person who would like her.

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