Sunday Music

“Ignore, get on, be who you are.”
Ms Quotes

So I got on and went for a walk through the vineyards today – it looks all very promising I think.


1 Wein


Later the sky turned grey, a lot of rain and a pretty sharp drop of temperature is forecast.


2 Himmel


Time to have another cup of coffee. And a Keks from the Netherlands. These things are incredible: They are very thin, contain some “E-s”, are absolutely dangerous for persons with food allergies (they simply contain anything) and deliver generally so much calories that two a day are enough for a miner. Maybe they glow in the dark.


3 Keks


No doubt, autumn is here. And so this Sunday Music is ” ’tis Autumn”, composed by Henry NEMO (Eng.) (1941), in the version of Stacey KENT (Ger., Eng.) from her 2003 album “The Boy Next Door” – hope you enjoy it.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank you Jon. I think Frau Kent is one of those who could “sing the phonebook”, and it would sound great! And she has a nice articulation, don’t you think?

    GEMA allowed it Traube LX! Jankowski looks a bit like a 70s terrorist on this lp cover. No, the Hobbits are seemingly busy digging and collecting things, maybe it’s a cold winter to come.

    So its the thermal vest again, Ms Quotes? I am looking for the rug I usually wrap around me through the winter. I forgot where I put it in spring, and need to put it in the wash as it still can dry outside.

  2. I love Keks, do you sit them on top of your cup of coffee so they go all warm and fudgy, it’s tops.

    Can’t listen to young Ms Kent at the moment as the Mr is playing his guitar in the room beside me, but I’m sure she’s wonderful.

  3. “Wandertag” is well saied, Hoppelschaum! No, not glowing yet, but I guess it put a pound on my hips!

    No Eryl, I am not that refined – I simply dunked it once or twice … *blush* “Young” Ms Kent is in her mid-forties. She busily produces an album per year since the 1990s.

  4. Sugar butter eggs and flour – Wer will einen Kuchen backen … – the stroopwafel is filled while the small pizza is not, and I would not describe the stroopwafel as “light” in any sense of the word MJ. I think the pizzelle would be fine with Anis, what would not go with the butter wafel.
    The birds already made their beeline South.

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